PAUPACK TWP. - The Paupack Township Board of Supervisors adopted the wireless communication ordinance at the July meeting. Supervisor Jim Martin said members of the planning commission “developed the ordinance on behalf” of the supervisors that sets standards for instructions for wireless communication devices in the township, as well as insurance requirements.

As a “stand-alone ordinance” Supervisor Chairman Bruce Chandler said it isn’t included in the zoning ordinance. The planning commission had the “forethought to see into the future” as society moves forward with wireless communication, especially in the township where phone lines will become nonexistent. The ordinance will give the township “control” to keep the township “looking neat and clean” as there are modular units placed on poles and houses instead of landlines. There was a public hearing to review the ordinance.

The Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department’s parking lot is complete and Linde Enterprises were paid $87,732 for doing the work. The township secured a $85,000 grant for the work.

The Anoncik property maintenance issue has been resolved. Chandler said after revisiting the property, the board decided the owner had “made enough progress” and determined the issue of his cleaning his property was addressed. While the neighbor who contacted the township about the situation may not be pleased with the board’s decision, the man is “entitled to have certain things” because he did get rid of “vehicles that were junk” and pay a $2,000 fine. The case had gone on for five years. If the homeowner were to let the maintenance go again, then Chandler said the case would go back to the magistrate and he would likely go to jail.

During June, volunteers from the Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department responded to: four mutual aid calls, one automatic alarm, two controlled burns, one structure fire and one downed tree. The mutual aid calls consisted of an automatic alarm with the ambulance, two controlled burns and a structure fire.

Under new business, the township has received their new John Deere Loader which Chandler said he is “very pleased with.” The machine will help speed work up.

There were two bids for Daniels Road T399 with the lowest being from Linde Construction Corporation for $318,529.45. But, because Solicitor Ron Bugaj wasn’t in attendance, the supervisors accepted the lowest bid with the condition that the bid bond be deemed acceptable by the township attorney.  

A supervisor’s job isn’t necessarily a safe one, which Chandler can attest too. Earlier this month he was shot at on Daniels Road and the state police were involved. While Chandler wasn’t injured, a window to his new truck was shot out. All total, there were at least three shots fired from a “good pellet rifle” Chandler said. He expects the shooter didn’t want Chandler parked where he was, although he was legally parked. While there may be a suspect, what the state police are doing, Chandler wasn’t sure of. There were two charges, assault and the damage of municipal property. While people may have issues with the supervisors, Chandler said they are “there to help people.”

The next Paupack Township meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 10 at 6:30 p.m. at the municipal building on Daniels Road in Lakeville.