MILFORD BOROUGH - Connie Nickles had praise for the Milford Police Department’s presence on the street during a recent weekend which led to a discussion about a rumor she and others have been hearing that Milford Borough wants to disband the police force.

The rumor claimed that the Milford Borough Police would join with Eastern Pike Regional Police Department so that the Mayor could use the police money for his own agenda.

This topic was discussed at a recent council meeting and again President Patrick Beck affirmed the borough’s commitment to continuing a local police department.

Beck stated that the Police Department is the largest budget item for the borough and Mayor Sean Strub and the council are constantly examining ways to hold the line on expenses, and making the most of the available resources.

Route 209 Bridge Scheduled for Repair

Upon hearing of PennDOT’s plan to resurface the bridge crossing the Sawkill Creek on Route 209 at the East side of Milford, resident and former councilman David Wineburg penned a letter to the County Planning Board and to PennDOT requesting that the repair of the bridge surface not be redone with individual plates as now exists, but rather with a single span which may hold up better and require less maintenance. He appealed to the borough to also write their own letter requesting the same and also that members of the public follow suit.

Special Events Regulations May Change

Solicitor Anthony Waldron and Councilwoman Adriene Wendell have been in discussions for several months trying to come up with a way to streamline the “Special Event” process.

Waldron suggests removing regulations for “Special Events” from the Zoning Ordinance and transferring them to the Milford Borough Code, Chapter 33 Amusement and Entertainment. Special Events could then be approved by resolution and a vote of council. The fees could be reduced as there will be no need to advertise for a public hearing and many of these events occur on a repeat basis, year after year.

Streets and Lights

Chairman Rob Ciervo said UGI is working in the borough in preparation for repaving from the gas work project. Ciervo also said that paving of 10 borough streets were put out to bid with bids to be opened on the date of the next Borough Council meeting. Again Ciervo urged residents who live on the alleys to keep up with trimming to keep the vegetation out of the alleyways and to a height of 12 feet. He also is looking for direction from council about taking down the 2-hour parking signs throughout the borough, as enforcement has been non-existent.

Local business owner Amy Eisenberg opined that aesthetically, the signs look bad in the commercial district and discourage visitors. She also added that among other merchants in town it is a divided issue and President Beck got the same information from Mayor Strub who conducted his own survey among business owners. Eisenberg stated that diplomacy goes a long way and if locals and business people are abusing the parking just a friendly plea generally will get results.

The Milford Borough Council meets at 7 p.m. on the first Monday of each month at Borough Hall, 109 West Catharine Street, Milford. Please visit the borough’s website at for detailed information.