MILFORD - The Pike County Historical Society Society (PCHS) is in the process of accumulating funds to provide much needed repair and maintenance to the front porch, verandas and side porch of the Columns Museum in Milford.  

The bases of a few of the columns are rotting and need to be replaced, Lori Strelecki, Executive Director noted. In addition to the work needed on the columns, the ceilings of the porches need some repair and a new coat of paint, and more than a few floor boards need replacement; not to mention the spindles, banisters and railings – all in need of attention.

“We have already started raising funds and have received donations from PCHS Board Member Lou Bataille, The Wayne Pike and Sullivan Antique Dealers, and The Greater Pike Community Foundation,” Streklecki said, “…We are half way to our goal of $10,000. Thanks to those who contributed.”

If you would like to contribute to the fund, please send your tax-deductible donation to: PCHS Porch Fund, 608 Broad Street Milford, PA 18337.

Big Band Dinner

To help raise funds for the repairs, The PCHS is hosted a “night of swing” Saturday, August 19 at 7 p.m. at The Columns. The Little Big Band is set to perform. Tickets are $40 and include the “big and brew” dinner with dessert and the music.

Reservations for the dinner are needed by August 15; call 570-296-8126.

Some history

The 22-room Neo-classical mansion was built in 1904 for the wealthy, Hoboken, New Jersey businessman, Dennis McLaughlin. Used for several businesses over the decades, in 1983 the Pike County Historical Society purchased it for their headquarters and museum. Among its treasured artifacts is the famed Lincoln Flag and the Hiawatha Stagecoach, the latter kept inside an enclosed, glass portico.