MILFORD - Kittatinny Canoes reports that their 28th annual river cleanup was a major success, in large part due to their faithful volunteers who come back year after year and the generous donations from countless vendors.

Alongside the National Park Service, they cleaned 70 miles of river and shoreline from Ten Mile River in New York to the Delaware Water Gap in New Jersey. The event was held July 17-19.

With the help of 147 volunteers Kittatinny recovered 99 tires, 83 pounds of aluminum cans and 1.14 tons of trash.

“We owe the decreasing numbers to our dedicated volunteers and those who support our environmentally conscious endeavor. This is our way of giving back to our natural treasure, the Delaware River,” the statement from Kittatinny Canoes reads.

Since 1990, Kittatinny Canoes has retrieved 9,066 tires and 8,833 pounds of cans from the river; in all they have collected 459 tons of trash. Volunteers have numbered 9,206.
A few of the unique items they have retrieved in the past 28 years included: 18 sticks of dynamite, a bath tub, false teeth, a 1962 pickup, two kitchen sinks, a sewing machine, four safes, a Barbie doll, safes with the doors removed, bowling balls, human spine, brain model, a loaded shotgun, a stuffed platypus, a high heel shoe, and a Russian note stuffed in a wine bottle.