[Editor’s Note: A follow-up to this meeting report subject is planned. Other Milford Council business will be reported in Part 2 of this report.]

MILFORD BOROUGH - Many Mott Street residents were in attendance at the August Milford Borough Council meeting, due to a report published in local media outlining an idea presented by Pike County Commissioner Matt Osterberg.

Chairman Osterberg offered the suggestion to upgrade the work already being planned for the restoration of the Mott Street Bridge to foot traffic to also cover one way vehicular travel during the PennDOT-planned Rt. 209 bridge repair in 2020.

Spearheading the public discussion was former councilman David Wineberg, also a resident of Mott Street.

Among the many negative aspects of this plan were the amount of traffic which would be channeled down a narrow borough street. New Mott Street resident Jon Kameen cited the numbers of average current traffic crossing the 209 bridge as 9,500; thus with the idea of one way traffic that number equates to 5,000 cars per day traveling Mott Street.

Noise, on street parking, property values, and a nearby eagle’s nest were also brought to the floor by other Mott Street residents.

An interesting note was that there were no residents from the other side of the one way proposal who spoke at the meeting. Wineberg asked the council to send a letter to all parties involved in the planning of the Rt. 209 bridge repair project stating the Borough's objection to using the Mott Street bridge for vehicular traffic.

There was a unanimous vote to draft the letter with an inclusion of a paragraph that all parties be involved in a public meeting to further discuss the available options.

PennDOT’s initial plan involves building a temporary bridge around the Callaghan House, one of the oldest buildings in the county. On a side note, this plan would likely remove a lot of vegetation and open up the view shed of the falls and the Mott Street bridge from the refurbished 209 bridge coming into Milford, something that Mayor Sean Strub had mentioned at a previous council meeting as a positive impact for the Borough.

The Milford Borough Council meets on the first Monday of each month for their regular meeting at Milford Borough Hall, 109 West Catharine Street, Milford. Borough.

A mid-month workshop meeting is also held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 11 a.m. also in Borough Hall. Information including meeting agenda items is available through the Borough website at www.milfordboro.org