PALMYRA TWP. (Wayne) - Business growth and community development were the focus of the Palmyra Township (Wayne County) August meeting.

Since the supervisors only had a workshop with representatives from the “Skier music” project and others from Lake Region Vision in July, Supervisors Chairman Pete Steffen said there wasn’t too much information to share, other than the board received a proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance from Attorney Anthony Waldron regarding a redefinition of “theater to land.”

The zoning regarding the residential and commercial districts, Steffen called “a little confusing” and so, Waldron and representatives from Skier made the amendment to the ordinance. Now a planning commission will need to have a meeting to determine a recommendation for the supervisors.

Based on what was discussed at the workshop, Township Zoning Officer Paul Natale explained after the township meeting, that Lake Region Vision is looking to move from their current location and build a professional building on Roosevelt Drive near a daycare. But, discussion was left at the business possibly buying land and having mining done to remove rock and stone in the area, since construction could not happen with the current landscape. As of yet though, Natale said the township hadn’t received any further information regarding the Skier project or Lake Region Vision, so what is next has not been made known.

Jill Carletti Merrill, managing director of Harmony Presents, said in an email that a structure will “definitely” be built with an outdoor area for the Skier music project. The indoor facility will seat 150 persons and now, planning for logistics is happening. Groundwork will potentially begin this fall.

A member of the public, at the township meeting questioned whether Harmony Presents is a nonprofit organization, to which Steffen could not answer. The man said he was concerned that if something is built for the entertainment venue, taxpayers would have to cover the cost if tax exemption were filed. Steffen answered that he had “heard nothing along those lines.” Initially, many believed the venue was going to be like an outdoor amphitheater, but that is not the case Steffen said, as it will be “completely inside.”

Township Secretary Treasurer Lois Powderly reported that, as of July 31 in the general checking account there was $217,112.36; in the state road account there was $131,285.71; in the building code account there was $39,412.13 and $5.00 remains in the Dime Bank account for the sewer project, all totaling  $441,143.82 with the certificates of deposits.

Under zoning, Natale said two permits were issued as well as one violation in July.
Because they had the lowest bid, Wayco Inc. received the work of a manhole adjustment and super pave at Sutters Court at a price of $18,794.04.

The next Palmyra Township meeting will be Tuesday, September 5 at 6:30 p.m. at the Township building on Oak Street in Marble Hill.