LACKAWAXEN TWP. - The members of Central Volunteer Fire Department in Bohemia put together and sealed a time capsule of department memorabilia on Sunday, August 20, 2017.
The original "time capsule" sealed on October 9, 1977 was opened after 40 years with the reasoning that some of the members who were present at the sealing would also be able to attending the re-opening. The Department will be continuing the tradition with an opening date set for August 20, 2057.

The original capsule was almost lost as some of the older members had conflicting ideas where it was stashed. So, to eliminate any confusion in the future, the new capsule will be attached to a wall within the firehall in plain sight.

Included in the time capsule are photos, a poster, a complete copy of The News Eagle containing the story and photos of the opening of the original capsule sealed in 1977 as well as a portion of the original capsule with all of it's contents in act, a list of those present at the sealing and a note book for those attending to jot down anything that they wished.

Members and guests met at the firehall on Westcolang Road for the sealing of the capsule and a luncheon was served.