The Bingham Park restrooms are finished, and the toddler playground is finally being assembled.

HAWLEY - The Bingham Park restrooms are finished, and the toddler playground is finally being assembled.

Hawley Parks & Recreation Commission received this update at their August 29th meeting from their member, P. J. Dougherty, whose employer, Clemleddy Construction, has been helping to complete the long awaited project.

Clemleddy stepped in to lend a hand for Joseph Regenski, who started and has been coordinating the multiphase park project. The first phase surrounded the CJR Memorial Playground, which was dedicated, November 1, 2012.

The second phase included the restrooms, upgrade to the toddler playground and continuation of the stone pavers and landscaping.

Considerable delay met the second phase, particularly with resolving the water source. At last, the borough chose to connect to the Aqua Pennsylvania water line as opposed to a proposed well. Regenski broke ground for the restrooms in June of 2016, and for a time, largely was doing the work by himself. Clemleddy volunteered to help, and did so as their construction schedule and the weather allowed.

Funding for the project has come through grants and donations made to the CJR Memorial Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by Regenski in memory of his son Caleb, who died at the age of two from a brain tumor. No local tax dollars were used to pay for these park improvements.

Certain details still need to be addressed, Parks & Rec discussed. These include changing the water fountain faucets so they automatically shut off, and ensuring that the security camera system is working. Questions about the sign, listing the donors, are being addressed.

The new restrooms are handicapped accessible and offer a baby changing station.
The locks on the doors open automatically in the morning and close at night. The doors are designed so that no one can be locked in, P.J. Dougherty said.

Restrooms won’t be in use over the winter. The borough will have to have the pipes drained and anti-freeze applied.

Dougherty stated that the new toddler play equipment is being installed. The rubberized surface mat was expected to be poured, Tuesday, September 5th. The toddler area upgrade is designed to match the larger playground.

Asked how many man-hours Clemmleddy put it, Dougherty estimated, 300 to 400.

Also discussed:

Pro Prospects, White Mills, has scheduled use of a field in Bingham Park for a baseball camp, twice a week. The Community Garden on the library grounds is in use. Fencing has not been put up yet. Elaine Herzog, Parks & Rec member/ Councilwoman said that they have not yet heard about a grant application. The garden is a Downtown Hawley Partnership project, administered through Parks & Rec. Hawley Public Library has not yet installed the small book lending library in Bingham Park, which will contain children’s books. The small library box, set on a post, is to go near the playground, in view of a security camera. Rodger Smythe, Borough Road Master, said three of the steel, maroon-colored trash receptacles were put in the park. Smythe said he would like to add three more, with one outside the restrooms. The receptacles were purchased through a grant as part of the street scape project coordinated by Downtown Hawley Partnership. Research will be done to see what the receptacles cost. Price estimates will be gathered for a “Boomer” tractor. Smythe said that the Boomer ceased operating, and is being looked at by a repair shop. It was hoped it could be fixed, rather than buy a new tractor. Smythe said a new one could cost $50,000, with discounts the borough may be able to find. Hawley Police were contacted after two to three young people were spotted looking at the fuse box next to the tennis courts; the box was open, Parks & Rec Chairman James Shook said.

Hawley Parks & Recreation Commission meets on the last Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m., at Borough Hall.