DELAWARE VALLEY  - When children have the right teachers, it is then, that Ashley Tesoriero believes they will have a better idea of what is possible in their lives. The new special education teacher at Shohola Elementary School (SES) is one of 16 new educators to the Delaware Valley District, who shared their thoughts with the News Eagle about their professions and why they chose their roles in children’s lives before classes started August 28. The following educators will be teaching in two of the district’s elementary schools. A second story is planned about the new middle and high school teachers.

Jenna Mitchell who is a new preschool teacher at Delaware Valley Elementary School (DVES) and a 2007 graduate of the district, decided to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps by becoming an educator because she liked the idea of “helping kids to learn” while readying them for the rest of their lives she said.   

Inspiring children through music while teaching them about work ethic and discipline, are reasons Emily Kondracki, a new music teacher at DVES wanted to become an educator she said. Kondracki plans on showing students that hard work will be necessary while lessons can still be fun. 

When students have the “ah huh” moment, it is then that Shelby Bodnar a new second grade teacher at SES loves. That minute, Bodnar said is special because it means she made a difference in a child’s life. After a time of long-term subbing in a second-grade classroom, Bodnar decided that was the grade she wanted to teach, because the students tend to be a little more mature and their academic lessons are expanding.

A new first grade teacher at SES, Stephanie Osborn hopes to inspire children, especially those who need a little more help and perhaps attention so they “don’t get lost” she said. Osborn feels it will be her enthusiasm, passion and ability to build relationships that will help her connect with the students, since there is more to a child’s life, than their academics and so, she will be aware of the “greater picture.”

Working with children and watching them succeed, are a few of the reasons Meagon Boccio who is a new learning support teacher at SES, said she wanted to become an educator. Teachers though, are important since they set students up “for the rest of their lives.”   

Growing up with younger siblings, Kevin Quinn, a new health and physical educational teacher at SES said he always felt like a teacher and so, he realized what his career path was. Drawn to health and physical activities, Quinn enjoys the outdoors and teamwork; but it is his “fresh perspective” that will make him stand out to students since his class will not just be about playing games, because the children will learn about the “fundamentals” of the activities and learn “why their body does what it does” he said. Teachers, set the “groundwork of the future” since every teacher plays a role in a student’s life and perhaps, works to build a “bright future for everyone.”

While parents are a child’s first teacher, Tesorieo said good educators are essential, since they help children develop “perspectives” and “specialties” relative to various subjects and fields, which may lead them to discover their interests and realize that “all things are possible.”

A DV grad, Mitchell believes it will be her enthusiasm and energy that will stand out to her students she said. A week before classes began, Mitchell was most looking forward to starting and meeting her students.   

It will be Kondracki’s “loud personality” that she feels will make her stand out to students as well, be a benefit to her teaching music she said. Teaching children, is a “huge responsibility” since teachers are “building the foundation for the next generation.”

By trying to relate to her students and making things “fun,” Bodnar believes will make her stand out to students she said. Also though, the DV grad feels being enthusiastic about what they are doing will be important. It is teachers, that Bodnar thinks ready children for whatever they hope to one day do, as it “starts them off” by giving them a “ground and knowledge” to learn and someday choose what they want.  

By knowing her students and “making things fun,” Osborn believes that will mean something to students she said. Osborn feels teachers are important, because they teach the “future generation of leaders” who “wouldn’t exist” without their teachers.

It is her joy of having “fun” that Boccio feels will stand out to her students, since she favors hands-on lessons that include experiments and walks rather than only referencing books she said. The DV grad, also said educators are important because they teach children about “life things” such as manners and the “social aspects” of life.

It was when she worked with children with autism, that Tesoriero realized what she was meant to do, although she always wanted to help families “work together” because of help she received as a child she said. It is elementary and middle school that Tesorieo believes are the “formative years” for children and so, teaching one-on-one is important since it may be the “most stable environment” for some children. It will be her “positivity” that Tesoriero thinks will stand out to students, but she really wants them to know that she is available for support. Tesorieo plans on working so hard, that she will work herself out of a job because emotional support and special education classes won’t be needed, since all students would become general education learners. 

Every teacher said they were ready, some more nervous than others, but excitement was a shared component of each of the new educators.