GREENE TWP. - “I had a heart attack at Dutch's Market, and if wasn't for David Prell, Promised Land Quick Response Service, I wouldn't be here,” Michael Gilbert told the Greene Township supervisors at their September meeting.

“I used $100 worth of equipment but didn't bill Mr. Gilbert,” Prell, Promised Land EMS captain, said.
“Promised Land Ambulance is short-staffed and is not able to crew 24/7. We have two active EMTs and two are taking the test for certification. I did advise the Pike County Communications Center every time I was out of the area,” Prell continued.

Quick response

“Reinstall Promised Land Ambulance for Quick Response Service (QRS). Both Kelly Shepherd and I are are certified for QRS. All equipment necessary is in my vehicle,” Prell requested the supervisors. “I want to help people of this community.”

“Tafton Ambulance QRS also have everything that is on an ambulance short of the cart and backboard,” Michael Miller, Tafton Fire Chief reported. “QRS can stabilize and update the ambulance crew.”

“Dave Prell as QRS was at a call eight minutes prior to the arrival of Tafton Ambulance,” Miller continued. “Our concern is for the benefit of residents. We want someone there as soon as possible to care for the patient. There is no billing for QRS.”

“Tafton Ambulance must respond with 60 seconds to the call tones and can get to the Monroe County line in about 15 minutes,” Miller said.

Limited crews

“Tuesday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., the Newfoundland Ambulance often does not have coverage,” Keith Stevenson of Newfoundland Ambulance stated. “A designated person calls the communication center to let them know that there isn't an available crew and then Wayne County Communication Center will call a mutual aid company.”

Newfoundland Ambulance submitted a letter of request that Newfoundland be designated for Hemlock Road and Brink Hill Road area and that Tafton Ambulance be designated as mutual aid for the Route 507 area.
“Dreher Township has indicated that Tafton Ambulance would be the second company called,” Miller added.
“Hamlin Ambulance, who also have paid staff, might be able to get here quicker in most cases,” indicated Stevenson.

The supervisors continued to agree that Lake-In-the-Clouds will continue to be served by Pocono Mountain Regional Ambulance and that roads off Route 402 will continue to be served by Hemlock Farms Ambulance.
The supervisors set a work session to discuss ambulance issues and to request the presence of those “in charge” of the local ambulance companies for 6 p.m, Wednesday, September 20.

(See the Sept. 16th print edition for the full meeting report.)
Greene Township Board of Supervisors meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. at the township offices on Brink Hill Road, Greentown.