HONESDALE - Recent reports in the news have indicated that, in at least one county in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, persons have presented at the door of a family residence and portrayed themselves as official county representative of Children and Youth Services (CYS) and threatening to remove a child or children from the home. While this has NOT happened in Wayne County, Wayne County Children and Youth Services would like to alert Wayne County residents of the following:

The mission of the Wayne County CYS is to keep children safe from harm, and families together;

Any CYS employee who knocks on your door will have an official pictured identification card and must present it if asked. Residents should always ask for this identification;

Residents are also urged to call the CYS office at 570-253-5102 to verify the worker’s identity if there is any question;

The law requires that if a child (children) must be removed from the parent’s care to keep the child safe in any given circumstance, a court order from a judge, or the presence of a police officer to take protective custody would be necessary. “We are doing our best to contribute to ensuring the safety of your children, home and community, and believe that this information is important to you,” said Juliann Doyle, Wayne County Human Services.