What may be prettiest snow plow in PennDOT’s fleet in Pike County, is one painted by the students in the Fine Arts 1 class at Wallenpaupack Area High School.

WALLENPAUPACK - What may be prettiest snow plow in PennDOT’s fleet in Pike County, is one painted by the students in the Fine Arts 1 class at Wallenpaupack Area High School.

2017 was the first year that Pike County took part in PennDOT’s statewide “Paint the Plow” contest.

Laura Fuchylo, Store Clerk #2 for Pike County PennDOT, said that invitations were given to the three school districts that serve Pike County students, and only Wallenpaupack Area High School responded. Fine Arts 1 teacher Lisa Peets expressed how pleased she was to have her students participate and would be eager to do again next year.

Fourteen students, in 10th, 11th and 12th grades, took part, two or three at a time going outside during class (the classroom happens to be right near a door which leads outside to where the plow was set up). It took about two weeks, she said.

The students came up with different designs and let the school administration have the fun of picking one. PennDOT gave them certain guidelines.

Instead of the typical plain yellow or gray plows that PennDOT trucks use, when the students were finished with it this one came out blue, with patches of white for snow, a picture of a buckhorn deer (the school mascot) staring straight forward, with the deer’s head surrounded by purple (purple and white are Wallenpaupack’s colors).

In addition to the wording, “BUCKHORN PRIDE,” they included a safety slogan of their choosing, “FOR SAFETY’S SAKE - STAY OUT OF THE WAKE.”

Peets said that this has a double meaning. The slogan has Lake Wallenpaupack in mind, thinking about boats, but also means stay clear of the wake of snow thrown in the air by PennDOT’s massive plow trucks.

Ken Thiele, Manager of Pike County PennDOT, said they are “really happy” with the plow and that for Wallenpaupack’s participation. “The creativity from the students shows their ambition and the ideas behind it,” he said. He expressed that the slogan they picked is very clever.

This snow plow will be proudly mounted on one of Pike County PennDOT’s 21 trucks and used on the roadways within the Wallenpaupack district. He noted that these steel plows, once accessories are added, can weigh as much as 2,900 pounds- “more than most cars.” He added, “These plows are serious business.”

Students who participated in painting the plow are Rylee Arenson, Jacqueline Barone, Cole Bender, Maria Drake, Bradley Frick, Donovan Hamilton, Madison Henwood, Atraeu Lester, Courtney Mooney, Devin Pineiro, Susan Rode, Rachel Sersea, Dylan Taylor and Erin Worzel.

Paint the Plow competition includes a “Judge’ Pick” winner, with one team (school) selected from each county. The winners from each county in District #4 (Pike, Wayne, Susquehanna, Lackawanna counties) will receive a plaque that will be presented at a luncheon hosted at the District office in Dunmore, October 13.

The competition will also include a “Fan Favorite” which will be determined through a Facebook campaign that is open to the public at large. A photo of the plow blade and the name of the school will be posted on the PennDOT Facebook page. Votes will be counted by the number of “likes” received.

The PennDOT Facebook page may be found at:

https://www.facebook.com/PennsylvaniaDepartmentofTransportation .