LACKAWAXEN TWP. - Tracking systems are to be installed on the 10 vehicles owned by Lackawaxen Township. Supervisor Chairman Michael Mancino explained at the September workshop, that people have claimed to see members of the road crew at some points and not seen them at other times, such as when plowing in the winter. The tracking system will allow for a “general accountability” for the road crew.    

To install the devices it will cost $180 to $200 on the 10 vehicles, followed by $14 a month to monitor each vehicle that will provide an end of the day report of where the vehicle had been all day as well as idle reports, hard breaking, acceleration and tachometer reports.

Mancino said there has always been a “bone of contention” with residents who feel the road crew doesn’t do what they’re supposed to and so, the tracking systems will hold them accountable. The small investment, will give a “peace of mind.”

A member of the public questioned if it is not the road master’s job to know where the crew is. To which Supervisor Road Master Albert Beisel responded that with multiple things to do each day, it’s not possible to follow the crew all day. There are currently four members of the road crew.

The 10 vehicles to be monitored are used at different points of the year, some for plowing in the winter months others used in the summer season. Mancino added that the “road master can’t be everywhere.” A woman questioned about the use of radios. Mancino said that the topography of the township affects the radios at times. Beisel answered that some members of the road crew turn the radios off.

The $14 a month is per vehicle and the initial installation will cost $1,800 to $2,000 for the 10 trucks. The tracking cannot be turned off.

Pumpkin Party Oct. 28

Plans are in the works for the second pumpkin party in Lackawaxen Township. Lori Guzda who initiated the event last year and has done so again, spoke to the board of supervisors and the public. Last year most everything was donated she said, with the township giving $1,000 for the day. Most everything else was donated. She was unsure though, if so many people would be “will to be as generous this year.” Because of that uncertainty, she questioned if it would be the “same kind of event.” But even still, she was “willing to move forward with it.” However, Guzda say she needs help. 

A member of the public, Bergit Pinkston said the day was a “fantastic way of bringing people together.” Another added that the day was a great “sense of community.”

Guzda emphasized that volunteers are needed because last year people said they would help, but many didn’t. To put such a day together, “there’s a lot to do” such as getting the pumpkins and food. Last year the food was donated and was free to the public. This year, Guzda wasn’t sure if that will be possible. 

The $1,000 last year, Guzda said went towards the pumpkins, printing for signs, decorations, prizes and the many arts and crafts.

A township resident Marge Wassmer said the idea of the day is “fabulous” because it brings people together.

Last year, Guzda said it seemed as though parents had just as much fun as the children, especially the trunk or treaters who dressed up and decorated their cars.

The pumpkin party will be Saturday, October 28, at the township building and start at 11 a.m.  

The next Lackawaxen Township workshop will be October 16 at 6 p.m. This is immediately followed by the supervisors’ meeting at 6:30 at the township offices on Urban Road.