LACKAWAXEN TWP. - Together, 50 years ago Rosaria and James Casey of Fawn Lake vowed to love one another through life and its many hardships and triumphs. To commemorate their everlasting love, the couple celebrated their anniversary last month at the clubhouse in front of 119 friends and family. 

Originally from Queens, Jim Casey met his future wife Rosaria, who is better known as “Roe” and was from Long Island, at the Wall Cliff Roller Skating Rink in Elmont, New York. Together on their skates, they danced and competed and did quite well, despite Roe initially thinking Jim was nerdy. Jim actually made his way around the Boroughs skating at multiple rinks, preferring those with plastic floors that enabled faster skating. 

For a period of their relationship, Roe’s older sister accompanied the pair on their dates, because there are a few years difference between them and so, her father was protective. It took about a year and a half for Jim to prove himself to Roe’s father. But, once she was 18, they were married September 2, 1967. Roe says Jim is her first and only love.

Jim wasn’t as talkative when speaking with The News Eagle, but he says his first impression of Roe was that she was “nice.” But, Roe did say initially Jim was “determined” since he tried to make conversation, but she would skate away. At that memory, they both laugh. It was his white varsity basketball jacket and penny loafers that stood out she says, but he was a “very polite gentleman.” 

Together for a year and a half, finally Jim proposed and they were engaged for a year. Roe says they shared many interests and their personalities were similar. With Jim’s liking for photography, Roe supported him and they had their own photography studio in Queens, where they photographed weddings for 40 years. Working together, Roe calls a “love.”

Eventually Roe became a photographer too, thanks to Jim teaching her the trade. Working together and helping one another, Roe says was the “beauty” of their jobs as she specialized in posing and composition and Jim was great with working the camera. Despite the many hours and raising their two children, Roe believes working together made their marriage stronger because they were a team. Looking back, Roe tells how she followed her husband’s dream of a career in photography and today, he followed her dream of living in the Poconos.

Before getting married, the pair had never lived together, simply Roe tells because as an Italian girl she wouldn’t do such a thing. Instead, she graduated high school in June and was married in September. But, Roe wasn’t concerned with the transition because she knew they were “doing the right thing.” 

Marriage at the time, Roe says wasn’t on her mind, instead she was thinking of college. Shortly after they had their first child, a daughter. Today, all these years later, they tend to know what the other wants because they’re so compatible. Hard work, however, is essential.  

When Jim proposed, Roe says she “panicked” because she didn’t feel ready. She never questioned his commitment, however, to caring for her. As her first love, Roe was drawn to Jim’s personality since he wasn’t domineering and always ready to help while also giving her independence that she feels made their marriage work. Not a man of many words, once again Jim agrees with his wife’s sentiments.

Since they were both “headstrong,” Roe says it made things interesting; but, if there were ever any issues with time they’d work the situation out. Their unity, she believes is based on that they both have “good hearts” and are forgiving which “made it work.” 

All these years later, the key to not tiring of one another, Roe says is keeping every day different. When doing photography, since everyday offered new customers that kept things going. During their career, the couple traveled to Ireland twice for weddings and another in Jamaica at the Ritz Carlton. A love for their field was also important for their successful career Roe notes. 

Today, with their children grown and living on Long Island with their three grandsons, the Casey’s stay busy with Jim working in public safety and Roe working as a bank teller. When not working, Jim still enjoys photography. Being grandparents, Jim says is “fun.” Roe says it is “great” as there is now the “circle of life” that is “very rewarding.”

Describing his marriage, Jim jokes that the couple is “just rolling along.” Roe adds that they are able to roll along because of their shared interests, especially now that they have so much time to spend together. The golden years, is good simply because they have each other, she says.

When Jim proposed, Roe remembers they went out to dinner and she was excited to give him a watch because it was his birthday. She wasn’t expecting his proposal and from that, she says he has always been “full of surprises.” 

Recalling some good memories, Jim laughs that they’re still married, because he was able to make it through teaching Roe how to drive. Even today, Roe says she has a heavy left foot, whereas Jim has a tendency to drive slow. Or, when watching fireworks on the Fourth of July and Roe was pregnant with their son, she didn’t feel she a need to go the hospital. Once there, however, their son was born 45 minutes after they arrived.   

The key to a lasting marriage, simply is being there for one another Roe says, to which Jim answers “yes dear.”