LAKEVILLE - It could happen to any of us in an instant, without warning. Driving down the highway,  the unthinkable happens. The vehicle goes out of control and there is a collision. Such was the case of Carrie Wojcik who found herself in this untenable position in the darkness on Wednesday morning, October 4 just after midnight at 855 Purdytown Turnpike, Paupack Township, Wayne County.

Twist of fate

A twist of fate brought two local bartenders together at a life or death situation. Carrie was asked to stay on after her normal shift was finished. Enter into the picture Ms. Amanda Stout, a 35 year old single mom, who had been called to work in a different establishment outside of her normal schedule as well.

The two women’s paths crossed very unexpectedly. As Amanda was heading home she heard something hit her car. She turned around thoroughly expecting to find a deer, but instead found a piece of a telephone pole in the road and as her headlights hit the woods she could see the other car, with fire underneath, smoke bellowing and wires down.

Sprang into action

Then an unforgettable scream coming from inside the vehicle set off the actions of a true hero. With full knowledge that the wires could cause electrocution, Amanda sprang into action.

After offering up a prayer for her son if anything were to happen to her, she tried to open the passenger side door but the handle was missing so she went to the driver’s side. Carrie was up against the passenger side and couldn’t move her lower body. Amanda said to Carrie, “It’s a life or death situation." She continued, "I gave her a 1-2-3 count and on the count of three she lunged towards me." Amanda  then pulled her on top of herself, safely out of the car and underneath the fallen wires and ultimately across the road away from the wreckage.

Only seconds later

Commonwealth Health EMS was next to arrive on scene as both women were moving across the roadway. The Lakeville Fire Company was dispatched with the engine arriving at the scene only seconds later, the car was already totally involved in flames. According to Lakeville Fire Company Deputy Chief Dave Fillibron, “If it wasn’t for her heroism, the outcome of this whole accident would have been 100% different.” 

A gathering at the Lakeville Fire Company on Friday evening at 6 p.m. was held to recognize Amanda’s heroic efforts. Amanda met some of Carrie’s family who presented here with flower bouquets and was presented a Certificate of Appreciation and a Challenge Coin by members of the Commonwealth Health EMS.


At the time of this writing, Carrie is in ICU and it is expected that she will fully recover. A benefit fundraiser golf tourney is being planned at Cricket Hill Golf Club on Sat., Oct. 21 at 2 p.m. with signups at the clubhouse or call 570-226-4366.

Gratitude was felt for Amanda Stout. The question raises, “How would you respond if you encountered a similar situation?”