MILFORD - There is a trip happening in Milford, that allows those who dare the chance to enjoy the season, but also learn some of the history that exists within the area. 

Two years ago, Tim Kelly created Haunted Milford, A Walking Ghost Tour in support of the Columns Museum and the Pike County Historical Society. To date, over $900 has been raised to complete various projects that include repairing the bluestone steps at the museum and more.

Dressed in periodic garb, Kelly leads participants through the borough, stopping at different spots to tell tales that he said are real and well researched, because nothing is staged. All total, the “historical tour at its heart” is a mile and can last about an hour and a half, that includes many stops. When still, Kelly tells the story of the building and shares about the event that occurred, as well as what’s currently happening in present day.  
Many know of the Tom Quick Restaurant, but they don’t know who Tom Quick was. On Kelly’s tour, he shares a background of the man as well as what was found in the building that was built over a century ago, that had an interaction with some unwelcoming persons.

Some residents who moved to the area from Brooklyn, brought with them marital struggles that are comparable to present day matters, except affording criminal investigations. They are not as out of pocket as it was back then. But, from the assistance of politicians, progress was made. Forensics, despite not matching anything of today’s caliber, also did happen. From this tale, an element in one of the borough’s historic buildings is revealed, that may make some think twice when looking at stairs or the floor.

Kelly learned some of the stories after speaking with the persons who had encounters decades ago when working in the basement of one building. From that experience, the woman met with a ghost that was not concerned with “getting physical”; she was scared so much, she never returned to the building by herself. 

There was a time when skeletons were discovered at an area that was being readied for construction of a building. When the truths of the situation were learned, the bones were placed back where they were found and the location today, while Kelly shares it with those on the tour, those who don’t know his story, don’t know where the grounds are since there aren’t any markings to tell what exists underneath the lands.

A restaurant that has existed since the early 19th century remains the most haunted in Milford, according to Kelly, so if anyone hopes to see something they may go to that restaurant and see things that may be otherwise doubtable.  

When the Milford Theater was first constructed to play silent movies, the man who built the theater wasn’t in a happy state and he would later leave it in a messy manner. Then, years later, when it was restored a worldly style would become part of the theater.

After hearing many of the stories he shared Friday, Kelly said he was moved to create the tour so others could know the tales too.

Anca Pulis took the tour with her husband PJ. She called the tour “great” because she hadn’t heard any of the stories and afterwards she was “intrigued” by what she had heard. Hearing the stories in the evening, while walking the streets of Milford, that added to the experience she said.

Haunted Milford, A Walking Ghost Tour runs till Halloween. For more information, visit Haunted Milford, A Walking Ghost Tour on Facebook or call 570-832-0385. The price is $20.00 per person.