Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only a few days away?

Well known for its association with a turkey feast, most likely realize that’s not what it is really about. The word gives it away, “giving thanks.”

It helps to know to whom you are giving thanks. No matter one’s persuasion, being thankful rises within our spirits. We don’t all say thanks, enough. How many adults have reminded a child, “now what do you say?” before handing the child a treat. Oh, if only we all had listened to that as kids, or had someone repeat that into our ears!

We give a present, and whether we admit it or not, it is a nice feeling to receive an expression of thanks in return. At least we know our gesture was appreciated.

Each of us are given so very much in this life. Whether or not we have stopped to say thanks, the blessings keep coming. Someone once told me, don’t say you are blessed.  But we are. We may have worked hard for what we have and had many advantages we put into practice, but much is beyond our control. Even in trials we can find hidden reasons where we can give thanks- not so much for the trial, but in other ways where that “silver lining” could be found.

Here’s an idea that some might like to try. Buy a box of thank you notes. Send them out in the next few days to people and organizations that you feel would benefit from being thanked once in a while, instead of being taken for granted. SOME ideas include;

Family members Friends Your employer or employees Your minister The local fire, ambulance and police department Your teacher or your children’s teachers.

The list can go on and on. Be creative. Who or what entity in the community has meant something to you or your loved ones in the past year?

If not a paper thank you note mailed out, it can be an email, message on social media or a verbal thank you.
Just do it without any “strings attached” and with a sincere heart. This kind of Thanksgiving will be even more fulfilling than the “filling” the turkey dinner can bring!