PALMYRA TWP. (Wayne) - The Palmyra Township Board of Supervisors decided to donate $443.20 collected from the scrap metal bin, to the Queen of Peace food pantry at the November meeting. Township Supervisor and Chairman Pete Steffen said the pantry helps many people “looking for food.”

In the general checking account as of October 31, Secretary/Treasurer Lois Powderly reported there was $203,763.91, with $108,803.30 in the state road account and $40,617.56 in the building code account and $5.00 remaining in the sewer account, which totaled $353,189.77. But with certificates of deposits the total was $406,518.39. 

Also, Powderly reported that salaries for the month were $4,839.19 with interest earned in the state road account totaling $81.73. As well, permits for October totaled $1,267.70. 

From Hawley Borough Police Department an officer reported that during October, members of the department responded to: two disorderly conducts, one harassment, two retail thefts, two arrests made, a motor vehicle accident, two traffic citations, one traffic warning, 68 other incidents investigated which totaled 35 hours and 448 miles traveled in the township. 

Chief of the Hawley Fire Department Scott Mead reported that in October the volunteers responded to 19 calls that included: 11 in Hawley Borough, two in Palmyra Township, mutual aid to Tafton four times, Central once and White Mills once. All total, the volunteers completed 241 hours of training and there are four new vehicle rescue technicians.

For the ambulance report, it was said that the first responders answered 46 calls for October, traveled 112 miles and worked 163 hours. In total, there were nine calls in Palmyra Wayne, 10 calls in Hawley Borough, assist to Honesdale Borough twice, Texas for White Mills once, Tafton once, Lackawaxen once and Common Wealth for Paupack twice. The department is again responding out of the River Street station, and has 13 new members.

Supervisor Road Master Joe Kmetz reported that the road crew is “ready for winter” with salt, stones and such equipment waiting for the weather. 

With people on North Street using a ditch as their “dumping ground” for leaves and such items, Kmetz requested approval for the road department to post no dumping signs. The board agreed and it was passed.

From the Commonwealth Health EMS, Tim Rowland and Craig Welsh introduced themselves to the board and public, as they are currently serving Lakeville and parts of the Wayne County. Rowland said the company was appointed by Hawley Borough as the ambulance service and so, he wanted to introduce themselves. If the township’s designated ambulance could use backup, he said the Commonwealth Health EMS will have a truck at Hawley Borough.

The building expansion project continues to move forward, with drawings near complete and plans for construction to happen in April. Treat had to look at some papers and then further discussion would likely happen at the December meeting. 

Zoning Officer Paul Natale reported that in October, nine permits were issued with two issues going before the planning commission, that included recommending approval for the Harmony Presents project. 

With nothing happening with the Crime Watch, Kmetz suggested the board end the group, which Steffen said “okay” to.

The next Palmyra Township meeting will be Monday, December 4 at 6:30 p.m. at the township offices on Oak Street, Marble Hill.