Palmyra Township (Pike County)’s budget for 2018 was passed, December 19, with the new tax benefiting Tafton Emergency Medical Services as was previously announced.

PALMYRA TWP. (Pike) - Palmyra Township (Pike County)’s budget for 2018 was passed, December 19, with the new tax benefiting Tafton Emergency Medical Services as was previously announced. The new tax totals one-half mill.
Prior to the unanimous passage, Township solicitor Anthony Waldron affirmed that the ambulance company will be required to provide an accounting of how the tax revenue is spent.

The tax resolution specifies that the tax is to be used  for “vehicle, equipment and certain supplies.” It is also listed as a tax for the ambulance “and other emergency services.” The ambulance service is part of Taftton Fire Company.
This tax is expected to generate about $65,000 for the ambulance service.

Palmyra Township budgeted $40,000 for Tafton Fire Company. With the ambulance tax the fire company should receive about $105,000. In the 2017 budget, the Township allocated $80,000.

Next year’s budget totals $1,095,970.40 for the General Fund, and $377,908.81 for PA Highway Aid. the general tax rate remains the same at 3.40 mills.

Waldron is also the solicitor for Blooming Grove Township’s Board of Supervisors. He related to the Palmyra Board that the evening before, the Blooming Grove Supervisors approved an allocation of $12,000 to Tafton Fire Company. Blooming Grove also approved allocations for Blooming Grove Fire Department and Hemlock Farms Fire & Rescue.

Paupack School

The closing for the sale of the Paupack School was scheduled for the following day (December 20). Waldron stated that the purchaser, Ray Milora, had chosen not to take out a mortgage, and was paying the balance in cash.

Although the purchase price is $100,000, the next payment to Palmyra Township is $78,936.25. Most of the difference comes from the Township’s outstanding mortgage payments which total $20,000. This is being paid to the Wallenpaupack Area School District.

The District School Board approved the sale and acknowledged that no further payment would be required from any profit from the sale, Waldron explained. Both the Township and Mr. Milora must pay one half percent Real Estate Transfer Tax.

Milora plans to renovate the historic school building for artist loft apartments. A condition of the sale was that the structure was not to be torn down or significantly changed.

Also discussed:

PM Enterprises has purchased the building housing the Paupack Post Office on Route 507, Administrator Jo-Ann Rose reported. The purchasing party attended the Township Planning Commission but was not ready to submit an application. She said that the new owner proposes to continue renting the current space to the Postal Service. There is a building in the back which he would like to convert to boat storage (but not a marina). He was advised that he may need an engineer or attorney to assist him in getting the application ready. A quote of $5,162.55 was accepted from Paupack Fuel, to replace a boiler and circulator for the township building. A property owner on Ansley Road inquired if the township would take care of a tree that is hanging over the road. The root ball, however, is on the owner’s land being the stone wall, Chairman Tom Simons said. Waldron replied in that case, the tree is the property owner’s responsibility.  The tree is not growing from the township right-of-way.

Palmyra Township Supervisors meet on the first and third Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at the offices off Gumbletown Road.