To the Editor:

The GOP is forcing a new tax bill down our throats. They say it is a massive gift to us. But, it will make our healthcare premiums go up.

It is a big tax reduction for the super rich and big corporations. And it results in an increase in the deficit by over $1 trillion. Not a single hearing was held as this was crafted in the middle of the night with rich lobbyists working with Republicans. What happened to concern over a huge US deficit.

We’ve now been told by Paul Ryan and others that Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid will be cut back to help pay for this gift to the rich.

Basically, the GOP bought us common people a little gift, which will only last a few years, and bought a big expensive gift to the super rich and big corporations, by charging on the common people’s credit card.  Our next generations will end up paying for this deficit.  Thanks, Senator Pat Toomey and Representative Tom Marino. Merry Christmas.


Ed Gragert

Milford, PA