Wallenpaupack School Board was briefed about the sale of the historic Paupack Consolidated School on January 8th. Solicitor Anthony Waldron stated that there was one bid, which met the minimum bid of $100,000. Ray Milora, who has renovated three properties nearby on Route 507, plans to renovate the former school and make artists’ lofts.

Palmyra Township has held the mortgage on the school since 2002 when the School District sold the facility to the Township. The outstanding mortgage totaled four years at $5,000 a year. The interest-free mortgage was paid to the District once the Township signed off on the sale, on December 21, 2017.

“The School District no longer has any involvement with the property,” Waldron said. There was a condition in the deed that was applied by the District, which indicated that the building has to remain the same for at least 10 years. Waldron said that he did not believe that Milora had any intention to ever remove or change the building.

The January 2018 Wallenpaupack Historical Society (WHS) newsletter reports that Milora met with the Society’s board of directors in late November and outlined his plan. The WHS has taken an active interest in recent years to propose potential uses of the facility, to help reserve the structure.

Milora explained his plan to restore the exterior of the school while rehabilitating the interior to allow for artists’ lofts. The WHS reported that Milora plans to preserve every aspect of the current interior such as the antique lighting, chalkboards, wooden floor and school fixtures such as the watering foundation, pencil sharpeners and the U.S. flag.

Paupack School’s new owner plans to display photographs and artifacts relating to these cool within the building’s main hallway, the WHS newsletter states. The WHS invited anyone who would like to offer photos or artifacts tat can be scanned and copied for this display, to contact the Society at 570-226-8980 or email president@wallenpaupackhistorical.org. All original photos or documents will be promptly returned, the WHS newsletter states.

The Paupack School was built in 1925 with two classrooms. It was part of a consolidation of one room schools, precipitated by the work underway at that time by Pennsylvania Power & Light Inc. to build Lake Wallenpaupack. The school became part of the Wallenpaupack Area School District and was used for classes until 1988. The District kept it for storage until entrusting it to the Township to maintain it.