MONROE/PIKE– State Representative Rosemary Brown (R-189) on Jan. 11th announced her intention to seek re-election in the 2018 election. Brown said that her campaign will focus on her experience, independence, and focus on listening to residents to address local needs.

“Since day one of my service, I have put aside partisan politics to focus solely on doing what’s right for the people of Monroe and Pike Counties. Whether that means continuing to lead the fight for property tax reform in Harrisburg, to fighting for the money our schools deserve, to helping local residents with concerns ranging from homeowners’ associations to their individual issues, I have and will continue to work hard, get results and help people,” Brown said.

Brown is well known as one of Harrisburg’s most effective legislators, and one of Pennsylvania’s strongest voices for taxpayers, especially when it comes to property tax reform.

“I am proud that we stopped a massive income and sales tax increase that our residents couldn’t afford. I’m proud we have continued to move the ball forward on property tax elimination, including this year’s successful ballot referendum that will help offer different options to help reduce primary residence property taxes. And I am proud that we have been able to deliver more funding for our local schools than ever before to help local taxpayers,” Brown said. “Property tax relief and elimination always remains the focus.”

Brown pointed to numerous other legislative initiatives she has authored or sponsored that have, or are, moving their way through the legislative process, including:

Successfully increasing state efforts to address the opioid epidemic; Passing legislation through the House that help residents in private communities (HOA’s) and protects their rights; Securing House passage of her Financial Literacy bill that will help schools prioritize financial literacy coursework to ensure students leaving high school have the basic financial skills to oversee and control their personal budgets; and, Passage of a Budget Reform Bill in the House that will increase accountability over how taxpayer dollars are spent.

Brown is a fixture at community, charitable and civic events throughout the 189th District as part of her continuing effort to remain available to listen to and act on the concerns of residents.

Beyond Harrisburg

“Being Representative is about much more than what happens in Harrisburg or passing legislation.  The most important thing I do is listen to local residents, help them with their problems, or help take action in the legislature to address their needs, such as with my HOA legislation,” Brown said. “I will never stop being available and accessible to the people I represent.”
Brown says that her experience in the legislature, while a part of why she believes she deserves re-election, isn’t as important as her experience as a person.

“I am a working mother of three children, and my husband and I face the same concerns and challenges as everyone else: worrying about our financial security, the safety of our children and future we will leave them, and preparing for retirement. Those are the things in my mind when I go to Harrisburg, not extreme partisan views on the issues,” Brown said.

Worked for people

“I have worked hard for the people, and want to continue to help on the many issues we face by using the experience and relationships I have established in the state House and our local community.  If you look at my record, you can see a steady movement of legislation and support towards this district in terms of state grants, education funding and more during my service,” Brown concluded.

“I hope the people of the 189th District continue to have confidence in my sincere efforts to serve them. There is still work that needs to be done to help our state function more responsibly and better serve us locally, and I want to continue making sure that’s what happens.”

To contact the Brown campaign, local residents can visit