PAUPACK TWP. - The problems Paupack Township has with homeowner Richard Falk continues. At the January meeting, Supervisor Chairman Bruce Chandler reported that a hearing was soon scheduled so the township needed to “pick up speed” because the issues have been ongoing for “too long.” 
Solicitor Ron Bugaj explained that the “difficulty” started when Falk agreed in front of Magistrate Judge Carney to provide a contract agreeing to clean his property by December 15. Since he did nothing, a second hearing was held. But, a zoning officer decided the property needs to be condemned because it is a “danger to the health safety and welfare of residents and taxpayers of the community” Bugaj stated.  

The board voted to start the condemnation proceedings for the property. Chandler figured the property has been “terrible” for about eight years. With multiple “building code issues” Bugaj said the foundation is “kicked in” and there are two feet of garbage in every room of the house. Contractors have looked at the home, but its been estimated that it would cost “well over $100,000” to do repairs because the home is “so bad.”

Also discussed:

While the new Dollar General in Lakeville has “complied” with the Planning Commission, Supervisor Leigh Gilbert reported that the township is holding $20,000 to “cover for problems.” He doesn’t feel, however, that needs to be held, until Wayne County “gives it up.” At this time “Wayne County is not giving it up.”

Chandler explained that the Conservation District is not “satisfied with the SNE plan” since a sign needs to be changed and other issues regarding a marquee. Then there were electrical matters that needed to comply with the UCC. Consequently, Bugaj said the business would have to “indicate” to the township that there isn’t a noncompliance and the business has to comply with their developers’ agreement. The agreement has “time limitations” so if nothing has been done, the township can use the $20,000 to “fix the problem.” If the current monies aren’t enough, however, then the township can “go after them” since the business is “obligated” to comply with the agreement.

Resolution 27-17 regarding maps and deeds is signed and filed Bugaj said. Now, property owners or applicants seeking subdivisions and un-subdivisions will be reminded of their “obligations under the resolution to ensure compliance.” Once approved, the deeds and maps will have to be recorded within 90 days, with receipts for the documents to be copied and sent to the township within a set time. 

Under building and zoning, there was: one deck, one pole barn and one garage. 

Volunteers from the Lakeville Fire Department responded to 141 calls in 2017 that included: one landing zone, two medical assists, five motor vehicle accidents, one structure fire in December.

The next Paupack Township meeting will be Thursday, February 8 at 6:30 p.m. at the municipal building on Daniels Road, Lakeville.