TAFTON - Richard and Barbara Briden, of Tafton, had the opportunity to join in what they described as an American experience, an expression of our democracy- as thousands gathered in New York City, January 20, for the Women’s March.

They joined their daughter Sharon Briden and granddaughter Rebecca Fink. Sharon works for Woman’s Day and Redbook magazines in NYC; Rebecca is a student at Goucher College.

Marches were held across the country, marking the 1st anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration.

“We began the day way up high in the Hearst Building looking down over Columbus Circle to where the march would pass through later on,” Barbara stated. “A wonderful overview of the city and the gathering crowds.”

Barbara reflected on the event. “Of course, many of the people there had an agenda and were quite vocal. But there was an overall camaraderie, sense of good will and positive enthusiasm that in my mind overrode anything negative,” she said. “People were friendly and polite; I sensed an overall feeling of pride to live in a country allowing free speech. I was impressed by the understated way the police handled the enormous crowds and how clean the streets stayed - no littering. And we had perfect mild weather, as opposed to the cold of last year’s march.”
Richard stated, “It was a quintessential American event - a march in which we recognized our American historical values and sense of fairness, regardless of gender, race or religion.”