MILFORD BOROUGH - Luke Turano was appointed to fill the vacant seat on Milford Borough Council, at the January 2018 meeting.

Aaron May was elected councilman for a four year term in the November election. May was already seated on Council, appointed to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Patrick Beck earlier in the year for the remainder of a two year term. May relinquished his appointed seat to assume his elected position, creating a vacancy.

Two letters were received by the borough from residents Luke Turano and Kim Reno, both interested in serving as council members. The letters were read by council president Frank Tarquinio. Reno was nominated first and received two votes, followed by Turano who received four votes and thus received the appointment. Turano was sworn in by Mayor Strub and took his seat at the table.

Council Reorganizes

On January 2, 2018 council held their annual reorganization meeting at Borough Hall.

Frank Tarquinio will serve as Council President, Meagen Kameen, Vice President; Rob Ciervo, President Pro Tem. Other appointments: James Scanlon - Borough Solicitor; R. Anthony Waldron - Alternate Solicitor; Anthony Magnotta - Zoning Hearing Board Attorney; Greg Myer - Treasurer; Pamela Ahlstrand; Kiley & Associates - Borough Engineer(s); McGoey Hauser & Edsall - Alternate Engineers; Kirk Summa & Co - Borough Auditors; Diana Wiener - Vacancy Board Chairperson; Carson Helfrich - Borough Planner; Matthew Osterberg - Borough Historian; Official Newspapers - Pike County Dispatch, Pocono Record, Pike County Courier; Bank Depositories - Wayne Bank, NBT Bank (formerly PennStar Bank), Citizens Bank, PLIGIT; Shawn Bolles - Zoning Officer; Jeff Phillips - Alternate Zoning Officer; BIU - Building Inspectors; Bob DiLorenzo - Sewage Enforcement Officer.

Appointments for Boards, etc.

Russell Boronow - Municipal Water Authority; Shade Tree Committee - Chairperson Valerie Meyer, Peter Rushton; Zoning Hearing Board - David Helm; Architectural Review Board -  Chuck O’Neil, Vlad Poteyvsky (Architect - until a replacement can be found); Building Inspector (pending ordinance revision); Planning Commission - Janice Halsted, one empty seat to be filled by an alternate until an appointment is made; Recreation Committee - Mike Zimmerman, Joanne May; Building Appeals Board - Council needed more information about the board before making an appointment.

Taxes stable

Milford Borough’s tax rate remains at the state borough code maximum of 30 mills, plus an additional 5 mills which must be done by Resolution with a request filed with the Court. This has been done the last few years so residents will so no increase compared to last year.

Council also adopted their 2018 budget as advertised and reviewed at the December 19, 2017 workshop meeting.


[Editor’s note: The January Council report was divided into three parts. This is part 3.]

The Milford Borough Council meets on the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m., at Borough Hall, 109 West Catharine Street, Milford. Please visit the borough’s website at for detailed information.