PAUPACK TWP. - An agricultural development plan is in the making for Wayne County. At the Paupack Township March meeting, a volunteer from the Wayne County Wayne Tomorrow Project, Jack Barnett spoke to the board of supervisors about the development of the plan that WEDCO is funding. The “ag development plan” as Barnett described it, will be an inventory of agricultural properties, active farms and x (or “ex”)-farms in Wayne County and each township. X-farms, he explained are farms that are no longer in operation.

A consultant firm from Maryland, ACDII has been hired for the project. As of the township meeting, he had a “tentative list of farm operations” he thought existed in Paupack Township. Supervisor Chairman Bruce Chandler said that there aren’t “any active farms left.” To which, Barnett responded that there are a few “very small ones” that aren’t dairy. The five farms are actually the smallest Barnett has listed so far for this project.

The consultant firm, Barnett said is working with the Farm Bureau and other agencies. There will be focus groups and public meetings as well as “survey activities” for the plan. The expected outcome of this project, is to develop documents that will be separate from the comprehensive plan as well as to encourage and identify “economic opportunities for farmers and agricultural activity” in Wayne County.  

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According to Chandler, the township received a letter from PennDOT stating the liquid fuels tax payment was received. Supervisor Leigh Gilbert explained that means the township will receive $124,742.46.

At some point, the township and the magistrate created a payment plan for Joann Staszewski and as of the meeting, a few payments of $50 were made. Once a letter was sent, Gilbert said the township received $1,014. The first few payments, Solicitor Ron Bugaj called “easy money.” So, he sent a letter stating if the payment isn’t made, there would be a greater cost. Chandler added that the township will go “after them again because the place looks like a bomb went off.” After communicating with family of the resident who wanted a payment plan, he explained that there was a court order specifying the payments. When the township goes to court with a resident, Bugaj said the magistrate creates a “payment schedule” that was a “fair plan” in this case, and the township will “hold them to it.”

The cleanup of Richard Falk’s property continues. Bugaj reported that the cleanup has a “long way to go.” He questioned if those involved in the work are “really focusing on what needs to be done.” A notice of condemnation was sent to the family. As well, the township received an $8,000 judgment from the magistrate after going to court. The judgment, Bugaj said wasn’t appealed and so, he has “demanded payment.”  Since nothing has been received, Bugaj asked the magistrate to certify the judgment to show that an appeal was never made within 30 days. And so now, Bugaj will enter a lean against the property. With this plan, Bugaj said he hopes the township’s action encourages the property gets cleaned.

Paupack Township, Palmyra Township and Hawley Borough are in the midst of creating a comprehensive plan. Supervisor Jim Martin reported that each municipality contributed $5,000 to the project, with the Wayne County Planning Department providing an “in-kind work related map” for the project.

As of the meeting, he said several maps had been completed as well as “components of the plan.” Looking to the future, it is possible that there will be a public hearing and the plan will be adopted.

The Great American Cleanup in Paupack Township is set to start at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 28. Karen Lutz who is a township resident and the organizer of the event for the township, said the plan is to have everyone out cleaning by 9 a.m.  Every year they have a six-foot hoagie and so, Gilbert asked if anyone wants to contribute to the purchase of that, the township secretary is collecting the donations.

Despite all the planning that went into the construction of the new Dollar General in Lakeville, one thing was forgotten that cost the business $50,000. Chandler said the Planning Commission “missed a generator” and as a result, with the recent power outage, $50,000 worth of food was thrown out. Whether the business has obtained a generator since, he was not sure.

Bills for February 9 to March 8 in the amount of $39,883.53 were paid.

The next Paupack Township supervisors’ meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 12 at 6:30 p.m. at the township building on Daniels Road, Lakeville.