Rolling thunderstorms and threats of tornadoes notwithstanding, Primary Election Day continued in Wayne and Pike counties.

WAYNE & PIKE - Rolling thunderstorms and threats of tornadoes notwithstanding, Primary Election Day continued in Wayne and Pike counties. Voter turnout in both counties was low, attributed a ballot without a presidential race and little in the way of local ballot contests.

The mid-afternoon storm only contributed to the lack of participation, election officials noted.

The overall turnout in Wayne County was 21.71%, where 5,977 out of 27,523 registered voters (Democrats and Republicans) cast votes. The Democratic turnout was 17.19% and the Republican turnout was 24.15%.

In Pike County, the overall turnout was 12.36%, where 4,034 out of 32,635 registered voters (Democrats and Republicans) cast votes.

Together, the 10,011 determined voters between the two counties helped set the stage for November’s election contests for U.S. Senate, Governor, Lt. Governor, U.S. Congress, State Senate and State House of Representatives. For the most part, Wayne and Pike’s voters agreed with the results statewide or district-wide.

Storm’s impact

Turnout was described as light in both counties.

Electrical power was maintained at polling places despite scattered outages when the storm, brought trees and limbs down on wires.

Wayne County Commissioner Wendell Kay, who chairs the county’s election committee, said that sheriff deputies were available in case they were needed to travel to polling places to fetch ballot boxes. A deputy was sent to assist the Preston Township poll workers by bringing the paper ballots back down from to Honesdale, from Lakewood.

Much of Honesdale was without power in the late afternoon and early evening. The courthouse was also darkened, requiring generators to keep the election office open. Power had gone out at 3:40 p.m. Polls closed at 8 p.m., and the first returns, from Texas Township No. 3, arrived at 8:40 p.m. Just after the paper ballot votes were sent through the counter, power came back on at 8:45 p.m.

Nadine Manzoni, head of the Pike County Elections Department, said that the election went smoothly  although said the turnout was surely impact by the storm.

Two Wallenpaupack school buses were blocked in Lackawaxen Township due to downed trees. The children were taken to Central Volunteer Fire Department where an emergency shelter was set up. This is also one of the township’s polling stations, but Manzoni said that they were able to manage well.

One voter from Lehman Township, Wayne Witkowski (who is also a Pike County Dispatch reporter), commented at the Pike County Commissioners’ meeting the morning after election night, about his ordeal trying to vote.

Witkowski said that multiple road closures prevented him from reaching his polling station at the Lehman Township Municipal building. He said he had wished he had paid attention to the “Code Red Alert” that the county Emergency Management Agency sends out to phones and email accounts of those who sign up for them. What should have taken home about 15 to 20 minutes to get back home took him an hour and a half, he said.


Here’s how the candidates fared locally, compared to their overall results statewide or district-wide. An asterisk (*) by the vote indicates the result agreed with the overall outcome. For committee races, please contact your county election office. (In Wayne County, call 570-253-5970, ext. 4003. In Pike County: 570-296-3427).

U.S. Senator
Wayne County:
Louis J. Barletta (R), 3,251*
James G. Christiana III (R), 585
Robert Casey Jr. (D) 1,500*

Pike County:
Louis J. Barletta (R), 2052*
James G. Christiana III (R), 455
Robert Casey Jr. (D), 1217*

PA Governor
Wayne County:
Scott R. Wagner (R), 1735
Paul Mango (R), 1785
Laura Ellsworth (R), 631
Tom Wolf (D), 1467*

Pike County:
Scott R. Wagner (R), 1046
Paul Mango (R), 1166
Laura Ellsworth (R), 359
Tom Wolf (D), 1208*

Lieutenant Governor
Wayne County:
Jeffrey A. Bartos (R), 2074*
Kathleen Ann Coder (R), 686
Diana Irey Vaughan, (R), 535
Marguerette A. Luksik (R), 414
John K. Fetterman (D), 439*
Nilofer Nina Ahmad (D), 402
Kathleen M. Cozzone (D), 208
Michael J. Stack (D), 423
Raymond Sosa (D), 47

Pike County:
Jeffrey A. Bartos (R), 1050*
Kathleen Ann Coder (R), 572
Diana Irey Vaughan, (R), 391
Marguerette A. Luksik (R), 428
John K. Fetterman (D), 254
Nilofer Nina Ahmad (D), 376
Kathleen M. Cozzone (D), 396
Michael J. Stack (D), 208
Raymond Sosa (D), 64

Representative in Congress
District 8
Wayne County:
John Robert Chrin (R), 2249*
Joseph C. Peters (R), 1226
Robert Joseph Kuniegal (R), 632
Matthew Alton Cartwright (D), 1470”

Pike County:
John Robert Chrin (R), 1695*
Joseph C. Peters (R), 513
Robert Joseph Kuniegal (R), 322
Matthew Alton Cartwright (D), 1152*

Representative in General Assembly
111th District
Wayne County:
Jonathan A. Fritz (R), 2150
Rebecca L. Kinney (D), 756

139th District
Wayne County:
Michael T. Peifer (R), 1785*
Orlando D. Marrero (D), 573*

Pike County:
Michael T. Peifer (R), 1939*
Orlando D. Marrero (D), 766*

189th District
Pike County:
Rosemary Brown (R), 527*
Adam Anthony Rodriguez (D), 96
Christa Caceres (D), 234

(Reported by the PA Department of State)

U.S. Senator
Louis J. Barletta won the Republican nomination with 429,760 votes (63.06%).
James G. Christiana III received 251,720 (36.94%).

In the November 2nd election, Barletta is poised to challenge Democrat incumbent Senator Robert Casey Jr., who received 743,315 votes. Casey was uncontested in the Primary.

PA Governor
Scott R. Wagner won the Republican nomination with 323,714 votes (44.28%).
Paul Mango received 269,820 (36.91%) and Laura Ellsworth, 137,500 (18.81%).
Wagner is set to face off against Democrat incumbent Governor Tom Wolf in November. Wolf received 741,258 votes and was uncontested in the Primary.

Lieutenant Governor
Here, both Republicans and Democrats had a choice to make.
Jeffrey A. Bartos received the Republican nomination with 317,222 votes (46.80%). His challengers were:
Kathleen Ann Coder, 147,711 (21.79%)
Diana Irey Vaughan, 119,330 (17.60%)’
Marguerette A. Luksik, 93,605 (13.81%)

On the Democratic side, John K. Fetterman prevailed with 288,134 votes (37.56%). His challengers were:
Nilofer Nina Ahmad, 182,222 (23.75%)
Kathleen M. Cozzone, 142,189 (18.53%)
Michael J. Stack, 127,236 (16.58%)
Raymond Sosa, 27,423 (3.57%).

Representative in Congress
District 8
John Robert Chrin received the Republican nomination with 15,136 votes (48.39%). His challengers were:
Joseph C. Peters, 10,927 (34.93%)
Robert Joseph Kuniegal, 5,218 (16.68%).
In the November 2nd General Election, Chrin is poised to challenge the sole Democrat who ran on the ballot, Matthew Alton Cartwright. In the Primary, Cartwright gained 36,040 votes.

Representative in General Assembly
111th District (portion of Wayne; Susquehanna counties)
Jonathan A. Fritz (R), 5,214 votes
Rebecca L. Kinney (D), 2,089 votes

139th District (portions of Wayne and Pike)
Michael T. Peifer (R), 3,724 votes
Orlando D. Marrero (D), 1,339 votes

189th District (portions on Pike and Monroe)
Rosemary Brown (R), 2,199 votes
Adam Anthony Rodriguez (D), 1,013 votes
Christa Caceres (D), 795 votes.
In the November election, incumbent Rep. Brown is set for a ballot challenge by Rodriguez.