Wallenpaupack Area officials honor hard-working student-athletes

As the academic year draws to a close, the student-athletes, coaches, and administration took time to recognize the peak performers of the various Buckhorn teams.

All involved gathered in the high school cafeteria for breakfast and a ceremony.

Zach Rode and Zoe Cykosky were named as Wallenpaupack Area’s PIAA District II outstanding student-athletes while Steven Coutts and Sheila Whitman were given athlete-scholar awards by the Lackawanna League Athletic Association.

Autumn Stars

The fall sports schedule is always packed tight.

With golf, field hockey, girls tennis, boys and girls soccer, cross country, and football all going on at the same time, there are a lot of athletes doing a great deal of things.

The golf team lauded four players: Corbin Babyak and Nate Trout each took home Coach’s Awards while Alex Pillar was honored for his Outstanding record (39-1 in his two seasons), and Kyle Pillar was recognized as the Outstanding Golfer.

Victoria Rojas was named the Defensive Player of the Year for the Field Hockey team while Alissa Alexander was commended for being the Most Versatile Player. The Players Choice Award went to Alyssa Watson.

The boys recipient of the cross country Pack Award was given to Abraham Cahn while Taylor Kryzan was the girls’ winner. Samantha Killiany was the girls Outstanding Runner and Thomas Johnson took home the award for the boys.

Zack Cykosky was named the Outstanding Defensive Player for the boys’ soccer team. Troy Bickman took home the Buckhorn Award while Kyle McDermott was named the team’s MVP.

The girls soccer team picked Rachael Tirjan as the Offensive Player of the Year. Mackenzie Turner earned the FEAR award, which stands for Face Everything And Rise. The award for Defensive Player of the Year went to Sheila Whitman.

Zoe Cykosky and Gina Nolan were co-winners for the Most Improved Player in girls tennis while Kristen Denniston was dubbed the team’s MVP.

The football team lauded Ty Schmalzle as the Most Improved Player. Aiden Maldacker was named as the Offensive Player of the Year while his twin brother Zach earned the Player of the Year for Special Teams.

Nate Steffen was hailed as the Defensive Player of the Year and Tyler Neglia received the Coach’s Award. The team’s MVP award went to Zach Rode.

Winter Tops

Buckhorn athletes continued to do well as the year progressed. Members of the swimmers, wrestlers, cheerleaders, and basketball players all participated in tournaments in addition to their regularly scheduled games and meets.

The swim team gave out three awards. Kara Campbell and big sister Cailin were named as the Female Swimmers of the Year while Justin Romeo was the choice for Outstanding Male Swimmer.

Faith Edelmann earned the title of Cheerleader of the Year while Christopher took home the Coaches Award.

Wrestlers Tyler Neglia and David Degroat were tapped as Most Valuable Wrestlers and John Hannon was commended as the Most Improved.

Olivia Gregory was named as the girls basketball Defensive Player of the Year, Brianna Denniston was given an award for Outstanding Leadership, and Megan Guerrieri was heralded as the team’s MVP.

Boys’ hoops too had three award recipients. The Offensive Award went to Mitchell Guerrieri and the Defensive Award was bestowed on Nate Steffen. Mike Quigley received the Coach’s Academic Award.

Springtime Props

Late snowfall hampered the spring schedule and the loss of nearly a week of practices setback many of the squads, but perseverance paid off for many players.

Buckhorn Awards for boys and girls track & field went to Jack Monte and Trish Gibbons, respectively while Luke Cheslock and Erika Hansen were hailed as Outstanding Performers.

Boys MVP awards went to Chad Vasey and Tyler Wirth while Samantha Killiany and Mackenzie Turner took home the girls’ MVP titles.

Simon Altizio earned the Coach’s Award for boys tennis while Matthew Kats was cited as the Most Improved Player.

The softball team honored a trio of young ladies. Angelina Ioppolo was named as the Offensive Player of the Year while the Defensive Player of the Year was Maddie Schmalzle. The team MVP award went to Rachael Tirjan.

The Offensive Player of the Year for baseball team was Tyler Kirsten; Austin Gilpin was given the Coach’s Award; and Morgan Theobald walked away with the MVP award.

Round the Clock

Student-Athletes earning six or more varsity letters are recognized annually and presented a plaque containing a working clock.

This symbolizes their work, generally in at least two sports. This year thirteen students were lauded for their athletic prowess as members of multiple squads.

Kyle McDermott counted six letters as a member of the soccer, wrestling, and track & field teams, and Codey Fenstermacher also tallied six from football and basketball).

With seven letters each were Sabrina Boyd for soccer, basketball, and softball; Chris Brindle for soccer, basketball, and baseball; Mitchell Guerrieri for basketball and baseball; and Shannon Vennie for soccer and track & field.

Earning eight letters each were Alyssa Watson (field hockey, swimming, and softball) and Kristen Denniston (tennis and swimming.)

Taylor Kryzan tallied nine letters in cross-country, field hockey, swimming, track & field.

Ten letters each were earned by Brianna Denniston (soccer, basketball, and track & field) and Malloy Jacobs (cross-country, swimming, and track & field).

Wrapping things up, Sheila Whitman closed her career with eleven letters earned in soccer, swimming, and track & field.