The Weekly Almanac has announced Friday that its Thursday, Jan. 8 edition was its last.

The Weekly Almanac has announced Friday that its Thursday, Jan. 8 edition was its last.

The announcement was made in a letter to subscribers by President and Publisher James B. Kilgore on the newspaper’s website. Employees of the newspaper were told Friday morning. Kilgore says in the letter on the Almanacs website, “Packet Publications has been investing heavily in this newspaper over the last number of years because it has believed strongly in the potential of a newspaper in this area. But advertising and subscriber support has remained inadequate to operate a profitable newspaper. In the current economic environment, we can no longer afford to continue to operate at a loss in the hopes of future improvement.”

“We attempted for a number of months to find another company interested in taking over our interests in the paper but without success. Thus our only alternative was to make a decision to close the newspaper,” he adds in the letter.

The Weekly Almanac was founded in 1989 by James Kalbaugh and the late Judy Kalbaugh. Packet Publications purchased the Almanac from Kalbaugh about three years ago.

In e-mail sent out to clients and local media, Stephanie Conklin, advertising manager for the Almanac, said, “I am sad to report that the staff here just learned that yesterday’s issue of The Weekly Almanac is the last. Any advertising plans we had for the future will not come to fruition. It was such a pleasure to work all of you local business people in my hometown.”

The closing of the Almanac follows Milford Magazine’s decision to cease publication of its print edition. The company which owned the magazine has revamped its website.

Milford Magazine began in 2001 and Executive Editor Sean Strub said in an article in the Winter 2009 edition announcing the decision, “ The economy has forced dramatic cutbacks in advertising for many local businesses and we must suspend publication.”

“This is not great news for Milford Magazine — or the community — but it is especially difficult for our terrific staff who have worked so hard to create what you hold in your hands,” he added.

The news of the closures of two area publications follows announcements of similar closures across the State and country over the past year.

“We are very sorry to hear of The Weekly Almanac’s closure. Not only does it hit close to home, but there are several talented staff members now unemployed,” said Glenn Khoury, publisher/advertising manager of The News Eagle. “These are challenging times. Now more than ever, The News Eagle must continue to deliver value to its readers and advertisers. We will always welcome your input and suggestions to better our newspaper and its products.”