WAYNE COUNTY- October 7 to October 13 is National 4-H Week. A non-formal education program, 4-H is for youths between 5 and 19 years-of-age. 4-H helps youths develop citizenship, leadership and self-confidence through a variety of learning experiences. 4-H first began in rural areas, but now, 4-H has been altered for urban and suburban areas, as well as rural farm and non-farm settings. O.H. Benson started 4-H in Iowa back in 1902 because he wanted a program that would teach boys and girls more about rural living. It was not until 1918 that the program was first called 4-H. At first, a three leaf clover that stood for head, hearts and hands was the symbol that represented 4-H. Eventually hustle was added for the fourth H. But, shortly after, hustle was changed to health. Ultimately leading to today’s four leaf clover that represents the four H: Head, heart, hands and health. There are community, agricultural, project and horse 4-H clubs. Some clubs are based on one project, while others cover various projects. 4-H projects are used to teach 4-H members responsibility, decision making, helps them develop appreciation and the ability to take initiative. There are over 150 projects available for members to do, with categories including animal sciences, citizenship and civic education, healthy lifestyles education, family and consumer sciences, leadership and personal development and many more. Youth have opportunities to participate in different activities in their county, district, region, state, and even nationally. Some opportunities are county workshops, judging teams, camps, county fairs, fashion review, regional horse clinics, district dairy, PA Farm Show, and state achievement days. If interested in 4-H or want to learn more about it contact the Wayne County Extension Office at (570)253-5970 ext. 4110. The Wayne County 4-H website is https://sites.google.com/site/waynecounty4h/Wayne-County-4H.