Managing Editor
President Obama may not have won either Wayne or Pike county, but he would surely appreciate the fact that one precinct in Wayne favored him: Hawley Borough. There were 211 votes in Hawley cast for Mitt Romney and 245 for Barack Obama. In fact, Democratic candidates prevailed across the slate in Hawley except for the race for 10th Congressional District where Congressman Tom Marino beat Democrat Phil Scollo. The turnout was 60.7% in Hawley. “It shows we have a nice balance,” commented Peg Murphy, Democratic Committee Chairwoman for Hawley and a long-time advocate for the Democratic Party as well as Hawley supporter. She was at the polls for muchh of the day as an observer, and said she was very pleased to see the enthusiasm among the voters and especially the amount of young people participating. Murphy remarked that Hawley is rather unique where politics is not lop-sided. Both sides, she said, can have winners in Hawley and voters decide who is the best person overall. “When one is in majority, power goes to their head,” Murphy added. “There can be more compromise where there’s a balance.” In Pike County, Obama received the most votes in Lehman Twp.-1, Lehman Twp.-2, Matamoras-1 and Milford Borough. County-wide, Obama had 38% of the vote in Wayne and 43.9% in Pike. Republican Mitt Romney prevailed with 59% in Wayne and 54.8% in Pike. In 2008, the split between McCain (Republican) and Obama (Democrat) was 55.6%/43.3% in Wayne and 51.5%/47.3% in Pike. Obama did better in Wayne this time around (by 5.3%) but worse in Pike (by 3.4%). That Romney won locally offered no surprise, given that both counties have been Republican strongholds for decades. The last Democratic to win the presidential race in Wayne County was Woodrow Wilson in 1912. In Pike County, Lyndon Johnson was the last Democrat to succeed here, in the 1964 presidential bid.