Yancarlos Sanchez will perform a mixture of soulful beat boxing, ethereal signing and vocal gymnastics with sounds of Brazilian kalimba at Harmony Present, Nov. 24.
Sanchez will create two vocal sounds simultaneously while playing the kalimba or similarly exotic instrument.
Jazz, bossa-nova, some hip-hop and a mysterious x-factor combined, make a fresh sound delivered by Sanchez. Sanchez has preformed at music festivals, house concerts, stages and all over the world.
Originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Sanchez loved music from an early age. Currently a resident of Allentown, Sanchez will be visiting Hawley to demonstrate his talents.
To reserve tickets go to
www.silkmillharmony.comor call (570) 588-8077. The show will be the Saturday after Thanksgiving on November 24 at 7:30 p.m. in the Hawley Silk Mill at 8 Silk Mill Drive, Hawley.