The Wallenpaupack South second grade will present a holiday music program on Thursday, Nov. 29 at 6:30 p.m. in the school’s cafeteria.
The children will start by performing a musical play for young voices by Teresa Jennings titled "The Littlest Christmas Tree."
Patti Kellogg, Sue Frank and Lauren Schaffer have made it possible that the children will be trees and elves.
Kellogg and Frank made the Christmas trees and Schaffer sewed the elf hats.
Every child who wished to have a speaking part, will have one. There will be a surprise special guest who will participate in the play.
Songs included in the play are: Time to Decorate the Tree, I’m Gonna Be Santa’s Tree, Tiny Tree Rap, The March of the Christmas Trees, Christmas Is and O Christmas Tree.
Molly Dickerman will welcome the audience. The "Trees" in speaking order are: Emma
Wilson, Katrina Hadorn, Brittney Barclay, Rayvin Gierwatowski, Francesca Toppi, Jacqueline Weber, Alivia Miller, Alyssa Glatz, Zackary DeConti, Kayla Sheridan, Nakai Johnson and Danielle Holzapfel.
The elves in speaking order are: Alexis Borer, Anthony Eginton-Cubitt, Molly Dickerman, Cyera Winkler, Jonathan Lynn, Michael Kelly, Ashley Palyo, Elizabeth Kilpatrick and Brady Reynolds.
The Chorus includes: Cole Bortree, Brendan Fossetta, Kenneth Hunter, Carolyn Manassy, Ethan Moses, Autumn Palyo, Clara Carrick, Ruby Dawson, Brianne Falco, Aidan Fitzgerald, Nathan Kellogg, Jase Kelly and John Stackhouse.
The show will continue on, after the play with If I Could Fly Like a Snowflake and Hip-Hop Reindeer by Teresa Jennings.
Their very own groovy reindeer are: Francesca Toppi, Molly Dickerman, Emma Wilson, Alyssa Glatz, Rayvin Gierwatowski, Danielle Holzapfel, John Stackhouse and Aiden Fitzgerald. Songs continued include the humorous Santa’s Getting Fit for Christmas by Mike Wilson and There’s Someone in the Chimney by T. Jennings. Brady Reynolds has a part in that song.
The children have some advice for the audience in the humorous song Don’t Eat a Poinsettia by Jennings!
Ruby Dawson and Anthony Eginton will show the audience why Reindeer Shouldn’t Waltz in the song of the same name by Karl Hitzemann. Watch out, Ruby. The children will then sing a song in Spanish wishing us all Feliz Navidad! What’s a Yule Log?
Brendan Fossetta, Emma Wilson, Rayvin Gierwatowski, Alyssa Glatz and Zackary DeConti will have some questions in a humorous song written by David and Anne Ellsworth. You just might hear Santa (Ethan Moses).
The concert will conclude with songs about Santa, Rudolph and the folk carol from England, We Wish You a Merry Christmas!
Jean M. Shields, the music teacher and Mark Kirsten, principal invite the public to
this holiday show.