LEHMAN TWP. - Paul Menditto of Bushkill has announced his candidacy for the Magisterial District Judge of Judicial District 60-3-04 in Pike County.

This is the seat currently held by Magisterial District Judge Steven A. McBride who will be retiring after serving the people of Pike County for 18 years.

Menditto offered the following reasons why is he running for this office: • He believes in the legal system and the rule of law. He also realizes that the role of a Magisterial District Judge is to assess credibility of those who come before him and that fair judgment is required in each case.

• He believes that he can bring a unique perspective to the position of Magisterial District Judge. He says he will treat everyone who enters his courtroom with dignity and respect, regardless if they are the plaintiff or defendant, whether a lawyer represents them or not. "Every citizen will receive a full, impartial and respectful hearing and decision," he states.

• Menditto realizes that regardless of how many cases he hears, when a person enters his courtroom, this will be the most important thing going on in his or her life right now. There will not be any "run of the mill" cases.

• As a non-lawyer, Paul Menditto will be a full-time Judge. Most lawyers that become Magisterial District Judges keep their law practice and have to divide their time.

Explaining why he feels people should vote for him, Mendotto noted: • He is certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to be a Magisterial District Judge.

• He has a lot of life experience including being a public servant with a background in the private sector. He can relate to the every day person struggling to earn an honest living, raise a family and pay the bills.

• With over two decades of public service and community involvement, Menditto said he can relate to everyday people because he is one of us.

• Menditto states he is a God-Fearing man who believes in fairness and justice for everyone.

• The authors of the Pennsylvania Constitution specifically designed the position of Magisterial District Judge as a position that can be filled by non-lawyers.

• Menditto said he will be available to serve the people of the district in a full time capacity without any conflict of interest.

A formal announcement was planned Feb. 4 at The Bushkill Inn and Conference Center on Bushkill Falls Road in Lehman Township.

Menditto has been a Supervisor of Lehman Township since 2004. Since 2009 he has chaired the Pike County Council of Governments and is also a member of the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors. He is presently on the Pike County Scenic Rural Character Preservation Committee,and previously served on the Lehman Township Planning Commission and the Pike County Solid Waste Advisory Committee.

Volunteer service has included president of the Pocono Ranch Lands Property Owners Association, leadership positions with the Boy Scouts of America, Bushkill Kiwanis Club and Bushkill/Smithfields Lions Club.

He has been active with the East Stroudsburg North High School Band Parents Organization, Bushkill Elementary School participating in Spring Into Reading for 12 years and as East Stroudsburg North Little League Umpire-in-Chief and Secretary. Menditto was inducted into the East Stroudsburg Baseball Hall of Fame.

He and his wife Marguerite have five children- three are in college, and two grandchildren. They also have a pet dog Max. Their home since 1990 is in Pocono Ranch Lands.