On Wednesday, April 3rd, at 7 p.m. the Shohola Railroad and Historical Society will feature science teacher Joe Fluhr and his local items that traveled to the International Space Station on a Russian rocket this past year.

The program will be at the Shohola Municipal Building, 159 Twin Lakes Road.

The public is invited to view Shohola's hometown Cosmonaut Smurf, photos and all associated documentation at the monthly meeting.

The items, featured on numerous television, newspaper and radio media outlets, are part of a 53,000,000 mile journey in space achieved through some very unique international cooperation. In addition to the flown items, Fluhr will be showing some of the high definition video taken from the Space Station during the actual Expedition 31/32 mission.

Fluhr, who lives near Hawley, is a teacher at the East Stroudsburg School District. His unusual story of how he saw a childhood dream fulfilled and turned it around to inspire a new generation of youth in the field of science and achieving their dreams, was described in a recent News Eagle feature.

This presents the general public the rare opportunity to see and hold local objects that have literally been, out of this world.