HAWLEY- Come to the Hawley Public Library on Friday, April 12

that 1 p.m. and learn how making small changes can have a big impact on your health. Learn how to eat healthy and incorporate physical fitness into your lifestyle.The library will host a Nutrition and Fitness program. Barbara Griggs-Pratt, Nutrition Manager at Wayne Memorial Hospital, and Marywood University intern, Margot Ciccarelli, will present a 45 minute program about MyPlate, the new USDA initiative to promote nutrition education information and chronic disease prevention. Any questions you have about different diets, diseases, and supplements will be answered. Griggs-Pratt and Ciccareli will be joined by Wayne County YMCA Program Assistant, Lucy Mazzenga, who will address the importance of combining physical activity with healthy eating.

Recent new articles have reported that a healthy diet is expensive if one were to consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables, but there are compelling facts that these reports fail to highlight that a healthy diet can be relatively inexpensive. Improving what you eat and being active will help to reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and obesity.

On exhibit until the end of April is Hands on Health: Fitness and Nutrition Trunk provided by The Northeast Library District as part of the PA Forward Initiative for Health Literacy. The exhibit demonstrates aspects of healthy living such as breaking down food labels, portion distortion, rethink your drink, how much salt, sugar, and fat certain foods contain, and fitness facts and tips.

To register for the program please call the library at 226-4620.