SOUTH CANAAN- Eagle Scout candidate Cody Wash has installed a footbridge in Varden Conservation Area. The footbridge crosses an unnamed tributary that goes over the Middle Creek Trail in the Tannery Tract of the park.

Before Wash's project, there wasn't a footbridge on the trail and hikers had to jump across the tributary using wet and muddy stream banks. During high waters, hikers were not able to cross to tributary at all. Since Wash has constructed the footbridge, hikers will have a safe and dry way to travel over the tributary and continue on the Middle Creek Trail.

As an Eagle Scout candidate, Wash, a Scout from Troop #205 in Hamlin, obtained material donations from local companies and monetary donations from the public to purchase the remaining materials. He, along with his scout troop, was able to construct the bridge using 130 total man hours.

Varden Conservation Area is located in South Canaan and Lake Townships and is part of the Promised Land State Park complex.

If interested in conducting an Eagle Scout project or a Gold Award project at Varden Conservation Area or Promised Land State Park, please contact Carissa Longo, Volunteer Coordinator at

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