GREENE TOWNSHIP  - “The total cost of the recent winter storm 'Stella' was $2,596.04,” noted chair Ed Simon at the April Greene Township supervisors’ meeting.
“Thirty five miles of road was kept open and we stayed within budget,” Simon continued. “We will get no reimbursement from PEMA.”

“We had three trucks and drivers. No roads were closed. We kept one lane open on every road,” explained Supervisor Gary Carlton. “We even had to plow open state roads to access our township roads.”

“We used the larger township trucks. It was snowing 3-4 inches per hour on Tuesday (March 14). By Wednesday we started widening the roads and on Thursday had pushed the snow back,” Carlton said.

“Today we started working on pot holes and road grading,” Jerry Obert, roadmaster reported. “We put some modified on some pot holes.”

“This is the worst year for frost heaving. The roads are a disaster. The worst roads are the ones that the school buses drive on, Beaver Dam and Sawmill Roads,” Obert said. “We are going to have to wait for roads to dry up, maybe another two weeks, to do major repair.”

Greene-Dreher Historical Society

“Thank you for your support,” Jeanne Brown, President of Greene-Dreher Historical Society, told the supervisors. “The township annual donation helps relieve fund raising.”

“The historical society started the veterans program at the GDS Fair last year. Since then we have collected 260 biographical forms from those who have lived in the Greene-Dreher-Sterling area and have served the country,” she explained.

“One hundred twenty of the biographical forms are for WWI veterans. We now have complete dossiers on WWI veterans. We have accepted information about anyone in the Service, nurses, YMCA, etc. We have great stories and will start gathering them to publish a book,” Brown continued.

“Our May 1 meeting is entitled, 'The Great War' and will be May 1, 1 p.m. at the Peggy Bancroft Hall, 465 South Sterling Road, Route 191, South Sterling,” she concluded.
Future meetings include Historic Cemetery Tour, May 6, 9:30 a.m., “History of Skytop Lodge,” June 5, 1 p.m., Greene-Dreher Alumni Open House, June 10, 11 a.m. -2 p.m., and more.

Grant to expand park

“We have received a letter of confirmation for a $92,000 grant for the township park,” Carlton announced.

“The grant, from the casino gambling tax funds, will pay to tear down the house on the corner of Brink Hill and Hemlock Grove Roads, to expand the park, landscape, add playground equipment, water, drainage, and a storage shed,” Carlton explained.
“Work may begin as early as May,” he said.

Home identification necessary

“It is difficult to find places without the green address markers,” complained Tom Field of Promised Land Fire and Ambulance. “We recently drove by a house on fire several times and finally identified it by the smoke.”

“Greene-Dreher and Tafton companies have the same problem,” Field added.
“It is up to the property owners to purchase and locate the address markers,” Simon replied.

In other business, the supervisors approved the Nicolas and Steven Buerger Lot combination in The Escape, approved the disabled veteran status tax abatement for Arthur L'Hommedieu, and agreed to advertise for bids for 20,000 gallons of liquid calcium to be applied to the roads with bids to be opened at the May regular meeting.

Greene Twp. supervisors meet on the first Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the municipal building on Brink Hill Road, Greentown.