Heather Genzlinger asked Hawley Council, April 12, if she could go ahead and submit a proposal for a dog park.

HAWLEY - Heather Genzlinger asked Hawley Council, April 12, if she could go ahead and submit a proposal for a dog park.

She told The News Eagle that she is envisioning a fenced-in area where dog owners could come and let their dog run freely and socialize with other dogs. “It’s also a nice way for dog owners of the community to get to know one another,” she said. “Most dog owners in the area don’t have large fenced yards. This is a way for dogs to safely run free.”

She suggested to Council about utilizing the large field between Glass Row baseball field and the parking area, on the street side of the flood levee. This is within Riverside Park.
Genzlinger offered to propose regulations, a budget and design, and bring it first to Hawley Parks & Recreation Commission for input. “If it was approved, we would do all the fundraising,” she added.

Councilwoman Elaine Herzog said that a fence could be “a hiccup”. The Army Corps of Engineers regulates what activities can be placed on a flood plain. The borough had only verbal permission to have a chain link fence for a proposed community garden in the park, but having that in writing was preferred.

Council President Ann Monaghan advised Genzlinger to go to the Planning Commission as well to see if there are any zoning issues.

Potholes at the Eddy

Duane Austin, of Paupack Street, asked council to address the potholes on Welwood Avenue, Paupack Street and Falls Avenue, in Hawley’s Eddy section. A lot of trucks from Eastern Propane use the streets, she noted.

“Is there anyway you could fix the road?… It’s never been paved and I’ve been there since ’63,” she added.

Monaghan explained that the budget does not allow them to go in and pave, although Roadmaster Rodge Smythe will be patching holes. Councilman Joseph Fauble said that the borough does get state Liquid Fuels money which is for road-related repairs and maintenance, but cleaning the street after the March blizzard “decimated that fund.”
“Obviously we know that the road is a problem and will definitely be on the list,” Monaghan said.

A plugged sluice on the hill also damages Welwood Avenue when storm water runs down, Austin said.

Some help is expected, Councilwoman Michelle Rojas noted, from work that is slated where Cypress Avenue meets Atkinson Street, on the hill above Welwood.

A $16,000 grant to pave Prospect Street, was approved by the county years ago. There was some shortages and a back log, Rojas stated; the county has let her know that the money has been allocated. The work, however, must be completed by June 30, 2017- a very short timeline. Kiley Associates will prepare the bid package and have it advertised.

Grant funding is also slated to do paving work on Maple Avenue this year.

Dollar General update

Dollar General Corporation, headquartered in Goodlettsville, TN, is receiving a notice of violation from Hawley Borough.

This is in regards to the failure to abide by PennDOT’s Highway Occupancy Permit requirement to install a curb along Route 6. Egress and ingress needs to be limited to one area, for safety. This in turn violates a condition that was placed by the borough for the approval for the Dollar General store that opened in August 2015.

Borough Solicitor Robert Bernathy told council that Dollar General Corp. never responded to the letter he sent about the violation last month. The letter had been sent previously, but council learned that the corporate office had relocated and the borough did not have the new address.

The Highway Occupancy Permit expired last November without the work ever being completed, and has not been renewed.

Council passed a motion authorizing the solicitor to issue a notice of violation, to be filed with the local magistrate.

Asks for parking meter

Michael Lazzaro asked for a double-head parking meter to be placed alongside his tenant’s business, Alexandra’s Salon & Spa at 620 Church Street. This will help ensure there is at least three parking spots available for the business. There is metered spot in front. The two parking spots on the side, along Bishop Avenue, sometimes gets taken up by one parked vehicle straddling the line. The double meter would designate two spots.

Burned house

The solicitor was given approval to issue a notice of violation to the owner of a house at 218 Highland Street. The house, vacant at the time, burned on December 5, 2009. The ruined structure has never been removed. Deputy Chief Gene E. Krause, Hawley Fire Department has made several requests to council to have something done.

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Hawley Council meets on the second Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Borough Hall, 94 Main Avenue. The office may be reached at 570-226-9540.