The News Eagle welcomes letters for publication if they adhere to the following guidelines:

Letters must include your first and last name, community where you reside and daytime telephone number in the event we need to contact you. Only your name and community will be published. Anonymous contributions, pseudonyms and first initials are not allowed. Contributors whose identities cannot be verified to our reasonable satisfaction may be required to submit further identification or their letters will not be published. The body of the letter must not exceed 400 words. Letters must be in good taste and free of potentially libelous content. Personal attacks on private persons will not be allowed. Include sources for facts and figures used in your letter, either in the text of your letter or as a note at the bottom for our reference. Letters may address local topics as well as those of state, national or international interest. Letters received from outside The News Eagle coverage area will be used only at management’s discretion. Letters are subject to editing for length, typographical errors, spelling and grammar. Thank-you notes are accepted as letters except but if thanking commercial businesses the thank-you must be kept general rather than listing businesses individually. Repeated back-and-forth replies are subject to being stopped by management. ELECTION LETTERS: All letters concerning a political candidate must be received no later than 10 days before the election in question. An exception is a reply from a candidate to that letter. Candidates may not initiate letters as part of their campaign. Any non-solicited material, including letters, is subject to management approval.

Letters may be e-mailed to; faxed (570-226-4548) or sent by regular mail to Editor c/o The News Eagle, 8 Silk Mill Dr. Suite 101, Hawley, PA 18428. Approved letters will be published as soon as space allows.