WALLENPAUPACK - Recently, Wallenpaupack Area School District Career Coordinator, Mrs. Colleen Edwards, arranged for senior Dakota Dilmore to job shadow two Wallenpaupack teachers: Mrs. Wierbowski and Mrs. Ey who are co-teaching the Second Grade ELA class this year.  

Dakota observed Mrs. Ey reading a story before Mrs. Wiebowski and Mrs. Ey taught the children basic research skills.  

“It was amazing to see the smooth transition from students looking for topics in their books to conferencing with the teachers about their information.”  The teachers helped facilitate this information gathering and comprehension process through question and answer. During this time, Mrs. Ey worked one-on-one with a student to help the second grader grasp a concept. Dakota commented,” There was such a positive student-teacher relationship, and I can only hope someday that I will be just like these two incredible teachers.”