LACKAWAXEN TWP. - Casinos will not be coming to Lackawaxen Township. At the November meeting, the board discussed legislation that asked townships if they were interested in having category-4 mini casinos. But, prior to the December meeting, Solicitor Tom Farley reported that the state passed an amendment stating Pike, Wayne and Carbon counties could not have category-4 casinos because they are “adjacent to Monroe County.” This was an issue he explained, because the casinos in Monroe County aren’t “doing well” and so, competition wasn’t wanted. So, to confirm the matter, the board passed resolution 2017-17 that prohibits category-4 licensed casinos within the township. 

The board approved the payment of $1,178 as a portion of the premium for the tax collector bond from 2018 through 2022. Mancino said the payment is required by the second-class township code. Its one payment, Farley noted that is paid for all four years.

Discussion regarding public notification if there were to be an emergency, continued from the workshop. While there is a plan created, Mancino called it a “preliminary one from the county” that the board has to adopt. But, it won’t be adopted until it is complete since details are still being addressed.

Code Red alert notification system is in effect now. When the evacuation plan is finalized, Mancino said a newsletter might be sent out, with the plan and information about signing up for Code Red.

Taxes will not rise in Lackawaxen Township in 2018. The board approved the budget for 2018 with no comments from the public.

Bills totaling $101,657.78 were approved to be paid from the general fund. 

The next Lackawaxen Township supervisors’ meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 15 at 6:30 p.m., at the township building on Urban Road. A public workshop precedes it at 6 p.m.