MONROE/PIKE — Area community leader and 12-year Monroe County resident Christa Caceres is announcing her candidacy for Pennsylvania state representative for the 189th District.

As a lifelong and proud Democrat, she hopes to make the quality of life better for her neighbors in Monroe and Pike counties.

“The citizens of the 189th District have been very loyal to their elected officials, but their loyalty has not been rewarded with higher wages, lower taxes or more jobs — all were campaign promises from Rep. Rosemary Brown when she ran for office eight years ago,” Caceres stated.

Caceres received her bachelor’s degree in Jurisprudence in 2017, and she is a full-time graduate student pursuing her master’s degree in Law and Public Policy from her alma mater CALU. She and her husband of thirteen years have one son together named Josiah, 8 and she is a proud stepmother to Gabriel and Karina.

Raise the minimum wage

One of the issues receiving immediate focus of her campaign is raising the minimum wage. “My neighbors are working two and three part-time jobs to survive here, missing important family milestones like Little League and softball games,” said Caceres, who wants to implement recurring streams of revenue for the state with a shale tax, fair tax and legalizing marijuana for adults 21 and over. “If Harrisburg won’t do what’s logical for the people, then we need to find creative solutions to our tax problems.”

While Wall Street and the banking system are nationwide concerns, Caceres believes the focus of a state representative should only be on local and state problems.

“I can’t change Wall Street as a state representative, but I can change my street and your street,” Caceres said. “My focus is completely on the people of the 189th District and the good people across Pennsylvania.”

Caceres will support a restructure of Pennsylvania’s school funding formula to ensure funding properly reflects the enrollment of school districts, addressing bullying by revising the PA Consolidated Statutes and strengthening or creating laws that will protect innocent victims from sexual abuse or domestic violence.

Personal experience

Losing her first pregnancy at 24 weeks to stillbirth strengthened her resolve to protect health insurance like the ACA, CHIP, Medicaid and Medicare.

“Healthcare is a right, and should be treated as such by finding ways to preserve and improve existing healthcare platforms for Pennsylvanians. It is irresponsible to reduce coverage for hard-working men, women and their families, especially our addicted friends and family who need help now,” she said.

Caceres most recently hosted “Fighting for Life: Combating Opioid and Heroin Addiction in the Poconos” in October 2017. In November 2017, she hosted the very first #MeToo community forum in the Poconos to address sexual assault and domestic violence. “The people who need help most have largely been ignored by politicians. I’m here to make lasting changes for all of the people of my district,” she said.


Caceres is a proud member of Rotary Club of the Stroudsburgs, the Monroe County chapter of the NAACP and A Girl and A Gun, a former vice-president of BNI Stroudsburg and a PA licensed insurance sales agent.

In her campaign announcement she made note of the fact that she is the first female African-American to run for the 189th District.

She is a Democrat.

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