NARROWSBURG – Owners of private and public properties along New York State Route 97 that would benefit from reducing vegetative overgrowth to enhance views from the highway are encouraged to contact the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway Committee about funding opportunities.

All trimming work would be performed by certified professionals and follow a work plan with advance agreement by the property owner. No funding match is required.

Eligible properties must be located along the portions of Route 97 that New York State designated in 2002 as the “Upper Delaware Scenic Byway” in recognition of its outstanding character, heritage, and beauty in order to encourage its economic development through tourism and recreation.

The byway route begins in the City of Port Jervis near the I-84 exit ramp at the southeastern city boundary on Route 6 (East Main Street) in the Town of Deerpark; proceeds on Rt. 97 through Sullivan County via the Towns of Lumberland, Highland, Tusten, Cochecton, and Delaware; skips over the Towns of Fremont and Hancock which opted against participating in the initial designation; and resumes on Rt. 97 in the Village of Hancock to the entrance ramp to Rt. 17/I-86 in Delaware County.  

The Upper Delaware Scenic Byway, Inc. (UDSB) has allocated funds to help restore or improve views to the nationally-designated Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River and other compelling vistas to enhance the experience of traveling along Route 97.

Site nominations by interested property owners are being accepted, along with suggestions for other known locations that could be potentially enhanced along Route 97 that the committee could explore after identifying property ownership.

Recommendations from local municipalities along Route 97 are encouraged.

To submit a nomination, please contact UDSB, Inc. at P.O. Box 127, Narrowsburg, NY 12764 or with a specifically identified location, a description of the property and its needs, complete contact information, and photo(s) if possible.

Responses will be kept confidential by the volunteer committee of appointed representatives that administers the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway 501(c)(3) organization.