MILFORD - A day of artistic discovery is set to happen in Milford February 24. After realizing a vast majority of businesses show art in town, Rebecca Roa envisioned the first ever Milford Art Walk.

The owner of the Frisky Goat Coffeehouse, Roa called Milford a “very artsy town” that already has a music festival, so an art festival is feasible too. With so many shops selling the art, Roa feels walking around town to see the various pieces can fill an entire day.

From East Hartford to West Harford and down Broad Street artists works will be on display, with some locations even having artists in attendance for a meet and greet with wine and treats possible too.

Having a coffee shop with so much art on display, Roa called that “unusual” and almost surprising because art can be found in some unexpected places, since so many people are associated with artists in town. Since many people may be experiencing cabin fever, the Milford Art Walk is also just “something to do.” While Roa is not an artist herself, she did say that she is in “awe” of the artists talents.

An Artist, Jerry Reganess said the feeling that exists in Milford itself, makes the town special as there are artists, authors, poets, actors, musicians and photographers who make the town a “hotbed of the arts.” As well, there is a “vibe” that exists, since so many people know one another.

Just recently, after retiring from other professions Reganess committed himself to his art. Now, while he doesn’t consider his art to be a job, instead he called it a “passion.” On display at the Frisky Goathouse, there is a wall showing Reganess’s art that consists of colleagues, with images he finds in books or magazines, to “tell a story.”   

Reganess’s colleagues may include oil paint, pastels or graphite mixed with paper images because they are “different ways to approach a colleague” he explained. It is the “hunt” however, that Reganess enjoys about his work, as he may go to a book shop for secondhand books or flea markets because there are many “incredible images” out there. Once his pieces are chosen, the images are assembled and positioned at angles he likes, so they are able to communicate an “emotion.” But, some images will change after coming from the book or magazine since Reganess may “manipulate” them by adding pastels and colors, or even burning the images with incense he explained.

With about 20 locations participating, there will be more than 100 pieces on display by 30 artists. The plan is that there will be a flier listing the businesses participating in the day, with a map of locations. Milford, Roa called a “walkable town,” so getting around to see the art should be easy.

In addition to the traditional visual arts, skin will be a medium too, with two tattoo parlors participating as well. Having the skin as a medium, that Roa called “exciting” because it is an “expression of art” that “can’t get any stronger.”  

Tara Keefe who has been painting since she was a child, described her art with a laugh as being a “hot mess” as they are abstract “moments” she only encounters when working. But it is because of her “process” that Keefe feels her abstract art is different, as the paintings are made of multiple layers that she works and reworks. Before actually finishing a painting, Keefe may rework a painting “hundreds of times” since she may get frustrated and completely change the piece “until it feels” right she said.  

For the first Milford Art Walk, Keefe laughed and said she is “definitely” ready for all to see her work and receive the feedback; whether positive or negative all is welcome because it is how one learns, grows and gets better.    

Often times Roa said people ask about the artists on display in her store and so, she is excited for the Milford Art Walk so she can watch the artists interact with others because there is a strong “connection” between those who enjoy art, and those who create it.

The following businesses will take part in the Milford Art Walk: Frisky Goat Coffeehouse, The Columns Museum, Stone Bear Tattoo, Golden Fish Gallery, Safe Haven of Pike County,

The Artery, Artisan Exchange, Ambience Furniture and Gifts, Willow, Silver Star Jewelry Gallery, Enchanted Gifts and Books, Gallery Fauchere, 403 Broad,  Davis Chant Realtors, Milford Craft Show, Nomad's Land with more possible.

The Milford Art Walk will be February 24 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. with a snow date of February 25. For more information visit the Frisky Goat Coffeehouse on Facebook.