GREENE TWP. – PennDOT failed to help at an accident scene, according to a letter from Greene Dreher Volunteer Fire Association Chief Pete Mulcahy, read at the Greene Township February supervisors' meeting.

The fire company, the Newfoundland Ambulance and a MedicUnit were dispatched to a multi-vehicle accident on Route 447 by Panther Excavating on the afternoon of December 9.

All emergency units had difficulty getting to the accident scene and calls were immediately made to request PennDOT to assist on State Route 447, Mulcahy indicated. Several people needed transported to the hospital and the ambulance drivers were afraid of sliding off of the road.

Greene road crew helps

Mulcahy called Greene Township supervisor Gary Carlton, who then cindered the hills between the Old Panther Post Office and the accident scene.

“There was a state trooper and two ambulances at the scene,” Carlton added. “I had to cinder part way up the hill, back down and continue cindering the rest of the way.”

According to the letter, the ambulances were then able to transport the patients to the hospital. “This was the first accident of a 7 ½ hour day of accident calls for us,” Mulcahy concluded.

“I will take a copy of Mulcahy's letter to the Road Task Force meeting,” Chair Ed Simon stated.

“We have been busy plowing and cindering,” reported Roadmaster and Supervisor Jerry Obert.

The supervisors' meeting had been postponed from the regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, February 7 at 7 p.m. to the following morning due to the weather conditions.

New tractor purchase

“We are looking to acquire a tractor with cab and blower,” noted Obert. “We have gathered three prices, New Holland offered a price of $43,242 without a blower, John Deere offered $42,264 without a blower and Mahindra offered a price $41,200 with the blower.”

The supervisors agreed to purchase the tractor through Mahindra.
“We are purchasing the tractor through COSTARS, the PA cooperative purchasing program, for use in the Park and for some road use,” Carlton explained.

Pipe placement

The supervisors also agreed to advertise for a contractor to place a 33 foot long, six foot diameter pipe on Sawmill Road. Bidders should come to the Township office to get a copy of the engineering blueprint. The township will supply the pipe and backfill. The contractor will be responsible for traffic control. Work must be completed between June 18 and 30 due to school bus traffic.

“The area will be blacktopped when the road is blacktopped,” Carlton noted.

Greene Township supervisors meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. at the township offices on Brink Hill Road in Greentown.