BERLIN TWP. - A truck driver is to be cited after two wheels from his tractor trailer came off while passing a house, rolled down a driveway and injured a woman as she was getting in her car, Thursday morning February 8, on Perkins Pond Road.

PA State Police, Honesdale reported that Joan G. Gillner, 62, was outside her vehicle with the driver’s door open, and was about to get in. At the last moment, the two wheels rolled down and hit the door, pinning Gillner between her car door and the vehicle.

This was at 10:11 a.m.

Witnesses saw what had happened and came to her aid.
The tractor trailer driver, John M. Girard, 58, of Stanbridge East, Quebec, was unaware he had lost his left rear duel wheels until he had stopped, police said.

He was operating a Freightliner Casca and was making a delivery to a farm down the road (south of Gillner residence).

The two witnesses told police that they had pulled onto Perkins Pond Road directly behind the truck trailer and saw the wheels come off the trailer. Jeu observed the wheels roll down and strike the car door, and the woman (GIllner) “disappear” from sight. They stopped to assist her and called 9-1-1. They also advised police that they may know the farm where the truck was headed.

White Mills Ambulance removed Gillner from the scene and was scheduled to be taken by Life Flight to Geisinger Community Medical Center. Trooper Jamison Warner said that there she was suspected to have received a serious injury.

The truck and tuck driver were located, and Girard was interviewed. Trooper Warner said that he realized he had lost the wheels when he arrived at his destination. When he made a sharp turn something didn’t look right, he told police, and found out the wheels were missing.

The truck and trailer were subsequently inspected by Trooper F.C. Kevin Varcoe, PSP Commercial Vehicle Safety Division.

Trooper Warner said that a citation is to be filed for an Inspection, Repair and Maintenance violation.