SHOHOLA - PA State Police, Blooming Grove, announced the arrest of a man accused in the burglary of St. Ann’s Church and two motor vehicle thefts in Shohola, occurring December 17.

The investigation starting on that date resulted in the arrest, announced February 22, of Samuel Owen Mittlemark, 19 years of age, from Shohola.

According to Corporal Shawn Smith, a burglary and theft occurred at the Catholic church at 123 Richardson Avenue, and thefts from two motor vehicles parked in front of Rohman’s Inn, 100 Rohman Road. Details of the burglary and thefts were not released.

Mittlemark was charged with Burglary, Criminal Trespass, Theft, Receiving Stolen Property, Criminal Mischief, Institutional Vandalism and Attempted Theft from a Motor Vehicle.

He is currently incarcerated in Orange County Correctional Facility, Goshen, NY pending additional charges in New York, police said. Extradition to Pennsylvania will be forthcoming.

Charges were filed with District Court, Judge Alan Cooper, in Shohola.