MILFORD - David Ruby, Emergency Coordinator for Milford Borough Council told Council at their February session that the last Emergency Management Plan drafted by the Borough was in 1984 or so and that by mandate the plan needs to be updated. Ruby stated the 26 page plan is mostly a boiler plate document very similar to other municipalities’ plans in the area and across the country.

The most likely events to happen in the borough are weather related. A contact list of phone numbers and emails must be assembled and there is a contact network which allows control down to neighborhoods for notification of evacuation.

On a separate issue, Ruby advised that there is no funding or help available from Harrisburg for the current lack of Advanced Life Support in the lower Pike County area. The County is conducting research on the number of advanced life support calls and where they are coming from. Cooperation among the municipalities affected by the loss of coverage is seen as a possible way to bring coverage to the area.

Parking ticket dispute

Jennifer Spearman received a parking ticket while parked on Broad Street near the Tom Quick Inn and was present to plead her case as the borough has authority of enforcement. Spearman’s claim was that there were no signs anywhere near where she was parked indicating that parking was not permitted. It was pointed out that parking regulations are posted at the gateways to the borough and intermittently throughout the borough. There are many signs along Broad and Harford Streets posting two hour parking between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Street overnight parking in the borough is restricted in the winter to allow for snow plowing.

Spearman was encouraged to attend the Borough Meeting by acting police chief Don Quick. After a lengthy discussion Council President Frank Tarquinio asked for a motion to bring action to the matter.

Three alternatives were presented; to find her guilty, to exonerate her, or to change the ticket to a warning. The council chose the latter and Ms. Spearman left happy. This is believed to be the first disputed ticket to ever be disputed before Milford Council.

Blue Ridge Cable TV coverage

Resident George Borecky asked if anything could be done about Blue Ridge Cable TV dropping two local stations [local NBC affiliate station WBRE and local affiliate CBS station WYOU] from their broadcasting lineup in the Milford area.

Blue Ridge claims that fees for including these stations were raised and that the market area of coverage is in the NY market and adequately covered by other [New York] network stations. It was the consensus of the room that there wasn’t much that can be done, except getting together with other affected municipalities and working together as a larger market group to negotiate with Blue Ridge.

The borough is still working on an updated contract with Blue Ridge Cable; however, the contract has nothing to due with programming. Items in the contract include the franchise fee paid to the borough, and certain service standards.

The Milford Borough Council meets at 7 p.m. on the first Monday of each month at Borough Hall, 109 West Catharine Street, Milford. Please visit the borough’s website at for detailed information. The Council also holds Workshop meetings on the third Tuesday of every month from 11 a.m to 1 p.m.  The public is welcome to attend and observe these workshops.