Some people still remember the Marble Hill bridge that connected upper Wangum Avenue in Hawley with Columbus Avenue, spanning the Middle Creek.

HAWLEY - Some people still remember the Marble Hill bridge that connected upper Wangum Avenue in Hawley with Columbus Avenue, spanning the Middle Creek. The old bridge was used by the Irish Americans who settled what was then called Shanty Hill in the mid-19th century to reach the Catholic Church and the rest of the town. Although the bridge was washed away in the flood of 1942, a reminder of it came up in 2018 Hawley Council business, March 14th.

A small dead-end spur to Wangum Avenue which contains four houses, used to lead to the Shanty Hill /Marble Hill Bridge. The spur fails to appear on borough maps. Council President Ann Monaghan, who had a relation who lived there for many years, said that the spur was known as “Frog’s Alley” probably because it used to cross the creek.

P.J. Dougherty, who has his house there, had a survey done. He asked Council if the spur could become official for 9-1-1 emergency response purposes and not be confusing when a delivery needs to be made.

Dougherty, who is also the zoning officer, said that the road is considered part of Wangum but it veers off it. G.P.S. companies do not show it on their maps.

The borough has been maintaining the spur road.

Borough Solicitor Robert Bernathy offered to research the procedure for opening a road. He said it would be similar to the procedure to abandon a roadway, which requires a public hearing. Because the road is pre-existing, he said the requirement to bring the road up to PennDOT specifications could be waived, if the Borough chooses.

He said he would bring the information for the March meeting.

Storm report

The blizzard that struck on Mach 2nd left the Hawley Wastewater Treatment Plant without power. The plant was able to continue to run with its generator, for the next seven days. Mayor Kevin Hawk, who is on the Hawley Area Authority Board, thanked Senator Lisa Baker and Rep. Mike Peifer for quick action. “It was a godsend,” Hawk said. After he made a call to the Senator’s office, A PPL line crew came out in only two hours and restored power. The generator will be serviced, after having operated for such a lengthy period.

Road master Rodger Smyth and his crew were thanked for their service plowing roads during and following the recent large snow falls. Leeward Construction was also thanked for assisting with moving snow from several streets. President Monaghan commented that roads are not always plowed to everyone’s satisfaction, since the first aim is to get the travel lanes open rather than plow curb to curb.

Deputy Fire Chief Eugene E. Krause said that Hawley Fire Department had 30 emergency calls in the first two weeks of March, many of them storm related.

Wayne County EMA delivered a palette of drinking water to Hawley Fire Department for the public who may need it due to losing power from the storm.


Hawley Council meets on the second Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Borough Hall, 94 Main Avenue. The office may be reached at 570-226-9545.